Tube Delays: How much time are you wasting on the tube?

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How much time are you wasting on the tube?

Now that is the question.

As someone who has been commuting for over a decade, I honestly dread to think how much of my life I have spent crammed on trains or being stranded due to tube strikes action and delays.

Go To Meeting have put together this infographic (below) with some really interesting facts about on how many hours are wasted.

A whopping 1.26 million people are commuting to London at peak time in the mornings, that is an absurd amount of people.

It takes me roughly an hour door-to-door to get to and from work, that’s two hours out of my day. It might not seem a lot but in a working week that effectively adds up to an extra day’s work!

Based on research, in 2015, 26.4 million hours were lost which is just crazy.

How can we be more productive?

Luckily I work from home once a week but if all commuters were able to do this, we could gain around 3 extra hours per month and reduce the amount the time wasted on commuting.

Take a look at the infographic below:

*Collaborative post

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