Where to move to in the South of England as a young family

When you think of England, hopefully, you think of rolling hills, cobbled streets and flower markets and if this does happen to be what you think, then it will probably be somewhere in the south. The South of the UK is known as the Garden of England which speaks volumes of its outstanding natural beauty and uniqueness from anywhere in our continent. Perhaps suburban living in the south of England is a dream of yours, but with new housing schemes and developments, it may become a little closer to reality than once thought.


If you haven’t visited this quaint and perfectly situated, rural region just south of the capital, then you’ve been missing out. Surrey is many things from a haven of hills, and windswept landscapes, a deeply historic town rich in galleries, museums and a bewitching tudor castle. A lively scene of students and young new thinkers bring youthful exuberance to the towns and villages nearby. There is no end to its charisma and beauty. Shared ownership in Surrey is a new scheme that allows you to get onto the property ladder in this suburban area in a slightly more alternative way. This involves part-buying, part-renting while only paying a deposit on the share you wish to own. Creating great accessibility to the housing market to many young families looking to invest their savings in their home while still balancing the books.



Rich in National Parks and rugged coastlines, Somerset is beautifully decorated in scenery that will simply spoil the senses. Somerset is home to heather girdled landscaped, the Glastonbury Festival and an exquisitely brilliant selection of cheeses, so whether you like your walks, your music or your dairy products, Somerset has it all. Shared ownership and help to buy are both available here with shared ownership in Bristol offering close city connections alongside rural tranquillity. This is a great way to make the most of this perfect blend of beachy landscapes and rural bliss If you want to bring the kids up in an area that exudes a natural charm.



Another one for the dairy lovers! While the custard is just great down here, Devonshire has a whole more to offer than just the sumptuous dessert accompaniment. Devonshire is rich with rugged cliffs and sweeping headlands that make up the geography of this area. The only county with two coastlines, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to seaside visits while not forgetting the cultural urban centres, Exeter and Plymouth within these county boundaries. With properties available through Part Buy, Part Rent in Devonshire, this area offers the best of Southern England while being a great stay at home holiday all year round and at a price that won’t break the bank.



This region is quite simply, picture-perfect, rurally idyllic and charmingly quaint. With a plethora of historical little villages all lined with Tudor architecture and beguiling Georgian terraces, even the town centres are jewels amongst this rural county. Not only is it famous for its family-friendly feel, but the region is the chosen county for the rich and famous. Mansions and stately homes are a common occurrence around here, and while you might not be able to get shared ownership in Sussex on a £3.4 million home, you can certainly find one big enough for you and your family boasting all the charms this county has.


The South of England is arguably the most beautiful area of the UK, and while it’s many people’s holiday destinations, you don’t have to rule it out of being your home. Shared ownership can be an excellent way to ease your way onto the property ladder without compromising on location. So why not embrace beachy beauty and countryside charms and set down your roots in an unrivalled spot of England.

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