All work and not enough play….

all-work-no-playSince the start of the New Year I have been doing my usual “day” job, coming home to spend some time with my boys before finding myself back infront of my computer again. This is most nights (weekends included)

I’m exhausted.

My resolution to start dieting and exercising has not even had a chance to begin and with working all hours we have been eating so much junk. The house is a state and I’m so far behind on laundry it’s laughable. My work life balance has tipped over the wrong way and I am unsure of how to restore it, I feel like I am whizzing round doing a million things but not doing any of them overly well… and that just isn’t right.

I’m a planner and I love being organised – being like this currently sends me into a panic in where I can’t stop to focus on one thing on my ever growing to-do list and go through them methodically!

I’m hoping things will have settled down a bit by the end of this week as the project I have been working on in the evenings should be underway and almost 90% complete.

Until then though I will be a nervous wreck. I need some time out and sleep for a week, (wishful thinking I know!) only then will I have the energy to tackle all the chores that desperately need doing in the house.

Do you feel the same when you are snowed under with work? How do you cope? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Rebecca Slinger

    I have all this to come when I return to work in March, I am worried that I will be so far behind I will be meeting myself coming back, any tips would be appreciated.


    • Hi – thanks for commenting. What childcare do you have in place? What really helped for me when I first went back was that the children were fed their tea before I came home. This avoided me having to rush around cooking when I got back and meant I could spend some quality time with them before bed.

      I also bath the boys every other day so again there is not so much of a rush in the evenings when I get home.

      You will be fine – its just a new routine to get into. Don’t be afraid to change a few things up and see what works for you.

      Good luck!

  2. Oh I hear you!! I don’t work in the evening but I do work full time and by the time we’ve got little one to bed there is hardly an evening left! My mum feeds Zach when he’s with her and he gets fed at nursery so we don’t have to worry about dinner! It’s such a juggle isn’t it?! #brillblogposts

    • Hi Lisa,

      I don’t usually have to work in the evenings either but have been since after Christmas which has been really getting to me (hence the post!) It’s definitely a juggle when you work and have children isn’t it? Thanks for commenting – sometimes its just good to know your not the only one! xx

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