4 ways to make being stuck at home more fun

Whether you have been furloughed, are self-isolating, or the kids are off school and getting restless, being stuck at home can take its toll. The novelty of having a few days at home will soon wear off, and your routine will start to feel repetitive. However, there is no reason why you can’t shake things up and try some new activities to keep boredom at bay. You’ve probably played all the board games and read all the books you have in the house, so try these alternative ideas to inject some fun into the day ahead.

Camp out in the living room

This is one that the kids will love. Get them to bring their duvets and pillows downstairs, push the couches together and create a cosy den in your living room. All you need next is some fairy lights, a good movie, and some snacks. Let them stay up a little bit later than their usual bedtime, and they’ll feel like it’s the perfect treat. The best thing about this is that the kids are more likely to want to sleep in the morning and make the most of camping out in the living room, which means you can finally get some extra rest!


Turn your kitchen into a café


If you spend most of your days wandering in and out of the kitchen, wondering what snack you can eat next, why not make it a fun place to be? If you’ve got enough gadgets, you can turn it into your very own café for all the family. You could look at buying a popcorn maker, or even a slushy maker. A popcorn maker is simple enough for the kids to use by themselves, and if you get them to design their own popcorn bags, it’ll be double the fun. For the adults, if you have a Nespresso machine, look for gadgets that make you feel like a real barista. For example, you could get a milk frother to whip up the perfect cappuccino. The frother is very easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and isn’t as noisy as the one at your local coffee shop!


Try indoor Sports

Many of us are conscious that being at home means we are moving about less, and when it’s cold and wet outside, the last thing we want to do is go for a walk. However, there are many indoor sports you can try out, including table tennis, boxing, yoga or even indoor golf. You can find pretty much any tutorial you are looking for on YouTube, but you can always purchase a DVD if you prefer. If you have a games console, you can find many games designed to keep you active too, such as Ring Adventure for the Nintendo Switch or Shape Up for the Xbox One.

Get Crafting

Last but not least, we have crafting. You don’t necessarily have to get the pots of paint out only to stand back and watch the mess and horror unfold at the dining table. Instead, think back to any hobbies you have promised yourself you will try out when you get more free time. Knitting and crochet are becoming more popular nowadays, with most good craft stores selling the supplies you will need online. This is something you can teach the kids too and takes up a surprising amount of time once you get into it. On the other hand, maybe you have thought about learning calligraphy or pyrography? Browse online and see what inspires you.


Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring. Use some of these ideas to bring some life back into your home.

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