5 great garden projects for your family

Many households enjoy gardens or outside space with plenty of potential, but it sadly goes wasted. This might be because they don’t know what to do with all of this space, or perhaps they don’t have the time or the inclination to transform it into something special.

However, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. Gardens have the potential to massively boost the value of your home, making them a better financial investment. But a well thought out garden also improves the quality of your home, so that your family and friends can have a place to relax outside together.


If you do have a plan but you aren’t able to implement it yourself, or perhaps you have a general idea but you aren’t able to get a solid plan sorted out, don’t worry. Many people in this position search for “landscaping near me” for a professional consultation. Professional landscaping services have experience in creating beautiful garden paradises, as well as the tools and skills required to do it quickly and effectively.

Create a child-friendly garden


Families with children, especially younger children, might jump on the opportunity to create a garden suited for adults and children alike. It’s true that creating a beautifully cultivated paradise might not be entirely practical, but you can still develop a child-friendly garden that you’ll all enjoy.

The most important thing to consider is the safety of your children. Some garden features are stunning, but they do present a risk. For example, ponds and fountains can add to a wonderful ambience, but small children could be in danger.

If you do have a pond or a similar water feature, then make sure that young children are always closely supervised in your garden. It can only take a few inches and a couple of minutes for tragedy to strike. Safety grids that go across the water can make them more secure and prevent falls.

Check what you already have in the garden and ensure that you don’t have any toxic or irritating plants in the garden. Make sure that your garden is enclosed so that your children can’t run out. You can also create child-friendly zones, giving them a place to stay and adults a place to relax.

Grow a wild retreat

Some people like the look of a very cultivated and neat garden, which can have an amazing effect. However, others aren’t able to maintain this type of garden or prefer a more natural look. In this case, consider growing a mini-meadow or wild retreat.

This doesn’t mean that you just abandon your garden to nature’s whims entirely, and can include some careful planning to layout the perfect garden. However, by using local plants and wildflowers, you can create a natural haven for you and the local critters to appreciate.

Natural green spaces are fantastic for the environment, as they provide a home for small animals and insects that would otherwise struggle to find a safe place to live. They’re also quite easy to maintain and lovely to spend time in, especially if you integrate some human creature comforts into your design.

Design an al-fresco dining area


In summer and the kinder days of spring and autumn, many people like to eat outside. Whether you like picnics, barbecues, or something in between, your garden can be the perfect place for your family and friends to enjoy good food and even better company.

The first thing that you need is a flat space for your garden furniture. A picnic blanket is happy on relatively flat and short grass, but a table and chair set might need something a bit more solid. Decking can work well for this and it looks wonderful as well. Consider adding a parasol or roofed area to the mix, so that you can have a shaded area to sit.

As well as a place to set out your furniture, you may need somewhere to cook outside. Unfortunately, wooden decking presents a fire risk, especially on hot and warm days. It only takes one ember and you’ve got an expensive problem on your hands. Consider using concrete or paved areas of your garden to barbeque safely.

Establish a workshop

Your garden doesn’t just have to be fun, but it can be practical as well. If you have a crafting hobby, then your garden can provide the perfect environment for your projects. An otherwise neglected shed or patch of your garden can be replaced by a workshop.

Here, you can work safely and without risking your home. If your work is loud, then your family will appreciate the distance. It also lets you work without any distractions, as you’re less likely to be interrupted if your family have to go outside to find you.

You can also create an outside office, which is a great option for those who work at home. As long as you’re connected to the internet and the electricity, there’s no reason not to set up shop in a summer house. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the outside world while getting your work done.

Start a Vegetable Garden


One of the best ways to use up your garden space is to create a vegetable garden. Some people dedicate their whole gardens to this, while others create a few vegetable plots and leave it at that. You might not be able to feed your family on your garden alone, but you’d be amazed at how good fresh vegetables taste.

Research which vegetables grow best in your area and how easy they are to grow. You should also consider your family’s preferences, as you do want these veggies to be used and enjoyed. Another tip is to recycle food waste for compost. You can recycle waste whether you plan to use it yourself or not, as it can be used to generate electricity.

A vegetable garden can be a great way to get your children involved as well. Let them pick out from a selection of vegetables and teach them how things grow. If they take to it, consider giving them their own plot. Even if you don’t have a large garden, you can still grow herbs in pots on windowsills.

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