6 lesser known places to visit in Canada

Looking to explore places in Canada that are underrated when it comes to travelling? Canada has so many other destinations besides Niagara Falls, Toronto or any of the familiar places that usually do not appear on the travel lists of the average tourist. Here is a list of six destinations that are definitely worth a visit.

Kamloops in British Columbia

In British Columbia at the confluence of the North and South Thompson rivers is situated the charming city of Kamloops. It is a mountainous city with gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant art scene. This city is being developed to attract sports tourism in the country. If you are looking for a peaceful place for riding bikes into mountains, then look no further as Kamloops has got quite a few picturesque mountain biking trails. Throughout the year the city holds a range of cultural events including Kamloops Wine Festival, Film Festival, River Beaver Classic for bikers and Kamloops Rotary Ribfest. There are numerous lakes in Kamloops within an hour’s drive where you can indulge yourself in fishing as there are varieties of fishes including rainbow trout and kokanee salmon that are found in the fresh water in this region.

Kamloops Lake (Image Source: Pixabay)

Saskatoon in Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is a small city in the Saskatchewan Province and is known as ‘The Paris of the Prairies’. It has quite a few art galleries including recently built Remai Modern Museum that hold works of international and local artists as well. The South Saskatchewan flows through the heart of the city, around which the city is based, connected through bridges with beautiful riverbank trails. The summers are very exciting as many music, and folk festivals are held here, June to August. People who love architecture will fall in love with this place as there is a diversity of structures, from Collegiate Gothic to Chateauesque style hotels to Brutalist architecture.

Sunset at Saskatoon (Image by james_nagarbaul from Pixabay)

Haida Gwaii in British Columbia

Haida Gwaii is an archipelago situated off the Northern Coast of British Columbia, and it was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. These islands have abundant wildlife, scenic landscapes and a vast treasure of heritage with close to 500 archaeological sites. Its culture and its remote location with the ocean mist floating through its deep moss-covered rainforest make for the islands’ enchanted and mystical environment. The islands are nicknamed as Canada’s Galapagos for its diverse flora and fauna. If you are driving through the Queen Charlotte highway, the islands’ only main road, you may spot Sitka deer feeding on the grassy highlands and eagles flying overhead in summers and springtime.

Mist over the Rainforests in Haida Gawaii (Photo by Cory Schadt on Unsplash)

Ladner in British Columbia

Away from the dense urban atmosphere of Vancouver lies the village of Ladner, about twenty kilometres from Vancouver. The village came into existence by the Fraser River when a wharf was built in 1873 for the farmers to ship their produce to urban areas. You can walk over the dykes as they lead you through forests and wetlands. It is a perfect setting to spend time away from the hustle of the cities as you can stroll around a viewpoint looking out over the village’s busy waterfront. One of the attractions in this town is Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary that provides a safe haven for 287 species of resident as well as migratory birds. The village has a few small museums including the Delta Museum and Archives which is in a 1912 Tudor-style heritage building which houses displays that inform you of the history of the village.

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Dawson City in Yukon Province

There’s an old-time charm to this town in the Yukon Province in Canada. It is, in essence, a gold mining town which had turned into a thriving town during the time of the Klondike Gold Rush in the nineteenth century. Dawson’s downtown, a National Historic Site, is like a living vintage museum. The nostalgia of the gold rush days cannot be missed as you pass through the town’s vintage false-front buildings, wading through the river on a paddle wheeler, making your presence felt at the gambling hall or pan for gold in Bonanza Creek. Getting to Dawson City can be demanding as you may have to take a long bus ride or a small plane from Whitehorse and the winters can be harsh with 24 hours of darkness during the day as it is about 150 miles from the Arctic Circle. But the experience of its heritage and people’s stories about the old days make it an excellent place to visit.

Dawson City’s False-front Buildings (Image by brigachtal from Pixabay)

New Westminster in British Columbia

Visit an urban city in Canada is in your travel list then New Westminster should definitely feature in that list. New Westminster, a city in British Columbia, also known as “The Royal City”, was named by Queen Victoria. Historically it is the home of the Kwantlen tribe, one of the ancient tribes of the Sto:lo people. In Western Canada, it is a cultural and historical centre which caters to people of all ages from food to arts, theatre and live events of entertainment. It has one of the busiest ports in Western Canada and has some major food and shipbuilding industries. This city has also attracted a few filmmakers as many films, and television films have been shot here, which makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Sunset over Fraser River in New Westminster, British Columbia (Image by dan haddock from Pixabay)

It is never too late to take on a new adventure and visit some of the unique and beautiful places like the ones on this list and imbibe the spirit, culture and atmosphere of these places for an experience that you will cherish for a long time to come.

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