A Note From the Nursery Bear…

The sodding nursery bear left me this note!! (ok well he didn’t really but you get the gist)

Dear Mrs H and M,

I have to say I was excited to be coming home with M last week. I remember the first time I came home with E – we did so many fun things together.

This time round? Not so much – my teeth have not been brushed once. I have been in the same clothes nearly the whole time (bar the first day when I got changed into my pyjama top but with NO bottoms – the indignity!) AND have you not noticed the weather change? I have been in t-shirt and jeans ALL week!

I’ve not been fed or played with – it’s just pure cruelty to bears!!!

Friday comes round and I think you started to panic. You remembered the diary needs to be filled in with activities and that I needed to be returned.

I accompany you and M to the theatre whereby, for all of a few seconds I got to pose for photos before being discarded to the side. I got fed a few scraps here and there when M decided to be generous and had a ride in the buggy – again for photos.

nursery bear
Quick get a photo for the Bear Diary!

Back home, I look pleadingly at E – he remembers me from before and I think he takes pity on me and plays with me (for a bit).

I can’t wait to be returned to nursery and tell them how I’ve suffered this week.

Never have I felt so unloved (well actually it happens quite regularly when I get sent to other homes but you don’t need to know that)

I hope I don’t have the misfortune of having to come and stay any more

Never again,
Douglas the Bear

Do NOT be fooled I am not enjoying myself one bit – IT’S ALL STAGED


  1. Lisa@intotheglade

    Haha! This is brilliant. It takes me back, we used to get the ‘bear’ for a night, oh the pressure xx

  2. Gemma - Nagging Mother

    Lol love this! Poor little bear! There is such a pressure that the bear has a good time haha!

    Gemma xx

  3. This made me howl! Hayden brought home a “maths monkey” a little while ago. when he first arrived I had a tonne of ideas.. ten days later I was getting reminders from school to bring him back..without anything in it might I add 🙂 xx

  4. Oh man the class bear! My daughter has one from school. It comes home for an evening and the weekend. I got home from working late one evening and realised my husband had left it in the car! The shame!

  5. Someone's Mum

    Haha! Hilarious! We haven’t had this joy yet but I will very tempted to do a spoof one when we do! #BloggersClubUk

  6. Island Living 365

    hahaha this made me really laugh. We once had much loved nursery bear to visit us and we went to visit a park and then on the drive back home we realised that we had left him behind. We drove back but there was no sign of him. Oh the shame when I had to tell the nursery that I we had lost the bear

  7. lol this is just so funny!! There is a similar thing at nursery too but they give it to the children to take care of it when they go away for holidays so the idea is to take photos of the Teddy Bear in different places or even exotic places!! 🙂 x

  8. Educating Roversi

    This is so funny! It’s a great idea but maybe one more thing that busy mummies have to remember! #BloggersClubUk

  9. Life Unexpected

    hahaha this is so funny. Our nursery doesn’t do things like this. A good idea though. Even if it sometimes gets neglected haha. x

  10. Angela Milnes

    ha ha! All I could think is just how true that is. We get toys, items which are just neglected big time. Thanks for sharing this funny post and hope the bear is back at Nursery safe and sound. lol

  11. Nicola Hatch Lighterness

    Haha!! Aww I love this! Poor Douglas Bear!! I can’t wait until Baby Lighty gets to do this (she says now, still in a maternity leave bubble & not back at work!!)! I found your post via #bloggerclubuk 🙂

  12. Ha ha this post is making me a tad grateful that Logan’s pre-school doesn’t do this now! 😉

  13. Rachel Bitmead

    Oh i’m so glad i never got to experience this lol!

  14. Ha ha poor old Douglas! This really made me laugh 🙂 x

  15. Rachel Bustin

    I love this! Gave me a right giggle! xx

  16. Being Mrs Lynch

    This is so funny. I never knew that a nursery would do this. I still have a while before my little one goes to nursery.

  17. Nadia - ScandiMummy

    Haha… Caspian starts nursery next week.. I hope they don’t have a bear! #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  18. Random Musings

    Haha, brilliant! I’ve heard of kids poor parents getting lumped with a rabbit or guinea pig over the weekend but never a bear! Hopefully there’s still time for a quick bribe before he has to go back 🙂 Thanks for hosting #KCACOLS

  19. Sleepingthroughyet

    Hee hee, glad my daughters nursery don’t have a bear!! #KCACOLS

  20. Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Ah the pressure of the nursery bear! I’m sure one of my kids lost one and it took a huge effort to work our where on the farm he had been dropped! #KCACOLS

  21. Haha! This really made me laugh! Our nursery doesn’t do things like this but I do love the idea though.


  22. Wendy Hughes

    Haha, this made me laugh. I didn’t realise there was such thing as nursery bears, they sound like they live a very sad life, haha. I’m sure your photos will have kept you out if trouble 🙂 x #kcacols

  23. lol poor Douglas – he’s getting a taste of second childhood right there. I’m glad you got a few photos to mark the visit. #KCACOLS

  24. oh bless, so funny! I hope my sons nursery doesn’t have a bear… #KCACOLS

  25. mommyslittleprincesses

    Oh goodness me this is funny as, sorry Douglas! Haha I just love how brutally honest Douglas is and how he doesn’t mask his displeasure either. I have to admit i read this post twice one to myself and once to my hubby, we both thought it was funny.Thank-you for co-hosting lovely. Xx #KCACOLS

  26. Haha this is so funny!!!! I also hope that Amelia’s nursery doesn’t have a bear!!!! #KCACOLS

  27. These class bears have A LOT to answer for – I found myself getting really competitive and took ours to Portugal!! #KCACOLS

  28. HandMeDownBaby

    Oh dear, poor nursery bear! We haven’t yet had the delight of bringing nursery bear home. It’s only a matter of time though, I’m sure! #KCACOLS

  29. Ha! This is so funny! It brought back memories of the bear from my son’s primary school!
    Laura xx

  30. Hi Maria – I have commented already, but just wanted to pop by and say hi from #kcacols xxx

  31. Haha,brilliant!We’ve had the bear twice,first time I took him out and did all sorts of pics in front of Xmas trees and lovely things.Second time I forgot and ended up taking a whole load of rubbish pics at the last minute x #kcacols

  32. This is so funny! We have had similar experiences! Thanks for co hosting #KCACOLS, Maria x

  33. TheMummyToolbox

    haha well douglas is clearly very high maintenance :p there’s no bottoms for our bears either! thanks for co-hosting #KCACOLS this week xx

  34. Haha, this really made me giggle.I really hope Marianna’s future nursery doesn’t have anything like this – they’d have the most boring week of their lives, forgotten about on the sideboard or something! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  35. That’s really funny. I haven’t heard of this before, but I can see why nursery’s might love the idea, but parents not so much. Made me chuckle though.
    Amanda. #kcacols

  36. They did this with a toy at the Tubblet’s school. You had to take him home, look after him for a weekend, take some photos and write about his adventures. On previous weekends, this toy had travelled abroad, gone to concerts, brownie camp, zoos etc. Rev T works weekends. That toy went shopping at Sainsbury’s, with a coffee and a bun and to church. He probably enjoyed the rest! Life isn’t always exciting 😉

  37. Haha I’ve never heard of this before! The nursery bear would be pretty upset about spending a week with us too I think! #KCACOLS x

  38. Very cute idea – I don’t think the nursery bear would do well for a week at our house either. He’d likely be left out in the car in the cold 🙂 #KCACOLS

  39. Ha! Tin Box Tot’s nursery bear had a very similar experience when he visited us. I didn’t even write about in on his online diary, despite promising to for about a month afterwards. I did a blog post though – is that neglect? 😉 #KCACOLS

  40. alice NipperAndTyke

    It does get a bit competitive, doesn’t it!? I am glad to say that our nursery stuffed dog seems to have trotted off into the sunset now! 😀 #kcacols

  41. Rebecca Farrelly

    I haven’t heard of this before and I cant say I would be great at it either! He would not enjoy being sat in the car for most mornings or dragged through the park twice a week!! 🙂

  42. Ha ha, brilliant! I already live in fear of the responsibility of the nursery bear! #kcacols

  43. Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    Oh my god this is just adorable!!! I love this post #KCACOLS

  44. I’ve already commented on here but i’m popping by from #KCACOLS

  45. Gumdrops & The Bear

    Ha – love it! I felt exactly the same when we got the manky snot-stained bear back from our nursery. Talk about pressure to perform eh?! x #KCACOLS

  46. Haha! I know that I am going to be absolutely useless if my kids go anywhere that does this! Still better than rotations on a bloody class hamster – I am NOT looking after random rodents! I am hopeful, however, that modern health & safety craziness will have out a stop to the old practice of rotating class hamsters! #KCACOLS

  47. notjustthe3ofus.wordpress.com

    Very funny post and I must confess to currently working in a Nursery (although we don’t do the bear thing). It’s interesting to see this from another perspective though as I know lots of places do. There is a school superstar book and toy but my daughter has never had it. I do know that some people really go to town with it though! Maybe, we’ve had a result as I imagine it’s going to be pretty grim by the time we do get it!! #KCACOLS

  48. Trista Souza

    **giggles** I could only imagine what my childrens toys would say if they could speak. My girls dolls are NEVER dressed. Just lying around naked all the time. I think I see one who’s been stuck out in the snow bank since about mid December. I am visiting from #KCACOLS

  49. tracey bowden

    Haha I was always rubbish at these things. There was the odd occasion we would actually have something planned but most of the time we made it up sshhhhh #KCACOLS

  50. Lizzie firstooth

    How funny! The poor bear… It’s ok though, he can’t grass you up #kcacols

  51. NewMummy Blogger

    Hahaha, sounds like some pressure 🙂 I do wonder what was actually written in the diary #KCACOLS

  52. Harrys Honest Mummy

    hahah I love the caption in the pram shot. I’ve heard about this kind of stuff. Dread it happening to us. All my little one is interested in is Dinosaurs. It will be Mummy having to take a bear everywhere and how weird will that look!! 🙂 #KCACOLS

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