What are your options when it comes to babysitting?

Leaving your child under someone else’s care is inevitable at some point when you’re a parent. For me, this started when I returned to work after maternity leave.

My eldest was 10 months old at the time and was looked after my neighbour who was a childminder. It was a great setting for him – and for me. It made my return to work easier knowing he was in a home away from home (literally just next door!) and being looked after by someone I knew.

The second time around, when I returned to work after having my youngest, we had the help of my mother-in-law. Not only did this mean we were able to save on childcare costs, the boys also built up such a great bond over this time with their nanny. One that will now never be broken.

But what about babysitting options? For the times you’ve spent money on new going out dresses and want have a proper evening out with your partner rather than taking it in turns to go out? What options are available then to suit your needs?


Friends & Family

This is usually our first port of call. We are very lucky to be able to call upon my sister to babysit of an evening. On the very rare occasion where she’s not been available, we’ve asked a close friend instead. We tend to always make sure our fridge is well-stocked and leave money for a takeaway as a thank you.


Some childminders offer a babysitting option (when organised in advanced). The advantages to this is that your child will already be familiar with their carer which gives you peace of mind.

Arrange a sleepover

Depending on the age of your child, you could organise for them to have a sleepover at their friend’s house for the evening. This means you both get to enjoy your night. In exchange, you can return the favour by doing the same for their friend’s parents at a later date. A win-win situation!

A babysitting service

For those that are not fortunate enough to have close friends and family whom they can ask to help. That leaves the option of using a professional babysitting service. You can find a babysitter here on sitters.co.uk for example which you can book online. They offer competitive rates and as well as having professional childcare experience they are reference-checked too.

Who do you use for babysitting?

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*This post has been written in collaboration with sitters.co.uk

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