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Welcome back to another week of my Behind the Lens guest series. Today I have Nicola from Mummy to Dex. Nicola is a first-time mum who lives in Liverpool with her husband and son.

Today she shares the story behind this lovely photo of her husband and son bonding.

There’s nothing I love more than cosy days at home with my family. It’s nearly impossible to get a day like that these days though; I’m either working or my husband is off out on his bike, training for the cycling season.

This photo was taken in October last year when Dex wasn’t yet six months old. My husband was off from work for a week and I was still on maternity leave. We had spent the best part of the week doing things together as a family, out and about, here, there and everywhere, before deciding on this particular day that we were going to go to Tesco, stock up on delicious food and have a duvet day on the couch.

We spent a small fortune buying different cakes, crisps and cookies, probably as our final hurrah before starting to wean Dexter a few weeks after this photo was taken. If you follow my blog you will know we are avid baby led weaners and Dex has always had whatever we have eaten, which has meant unhealthy treats have completely been discarded in favour of organic fruit, vegetables and low sugar and salt snacks.

It was just lovely to sit with my boys, munch on some warm apple pie while wrapped up in the duvet, listening to the wind bouncing off the river Mersey and the rain hitting the wooden panels of our balcony. We put on a film as a bit of background noise while we talked and cuddled our baby boy. A baby I barely recognise looking back now at this photo. How do they manage to change so much in such a short period of time?

I couldn’t even contemplate trying to get Dexter to sit still on a couch these days. He is now twelve months old and is constantly on the move, unable to sit still for even a second. However, in this photo, he couldn’t yet crawl and was quite a placid baby; happy to sit on our knee and take in his surroundings. I love the look of love he has for his Daddy here – or is it that he just wants a taste of Daddy’s apple pie and cream?

In any case, I will treasure this photo and this family moment forever.

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