Exercising at home: 5 tips for busy parents

Finding some time for yourself is not always easy when you have young children, especially right now, with a worldwide pandemic leading to us working from home and kids learning online to improve public safety. When it comes to finding the time to keep fit and work out, it might feel like you are fighting a losing battle. The good news is that even if you’re not able to get some time to yourself to go to the gym right now, there are some great ideas to consider in order to help you stay fit and get the whole family involved too.

Family walks and cycle rides

Even if you live in an area that is under lockdown, you will still be able to go out to public spaces as long as you are conscious of safety and keep your distance from other people. As a result, going out for family walks and cycle rides for exercise is certainly not off the cards, and can be a great way to incorporate more activity into your lifestyle while spending some fun time together as a family and bonding too.


Home exercise equipment

If you’re able to go to the gym but never seem to find the time to go or struggle to go because you have the kids to look after, setting up some exercise equipment in your home can be an ideal solution. An exercise bike or treadmill in your home can be a great way to get some more physical activity in when the kids are in bed. If you have begun to feel guilty about the amount of time you spend sitting in front of the TV when you do get some time to yourself, exercise equipment in your home can solve the problem – you can watch your favourite shows and work out at the same time.

Download a fitness app

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the temporary fitness centre and gym closures worldwide and hindering many workout routines, there are plenty of new fitness apps to download to help you stay on track and give you new ideas for working out at home. You can find apps that help you with bodyweight workouts at home or stretches designed to ensure that you get the most out of your workout. If you are suffering from injuries from working out, you can focus on IT band stretching with a handy app that will guide you through the steps involved.

Get the kids involved

Everybody needs to stay active at any age, and getting the kids involved with working out can often be easier than trying to find some spare time to yourself to work out alone. You could try dancing with videos on YouTube or playing console games on the Wii Fit designed to get everybody up and moving while being a lot of fun at the same time.


Join an online fitness club

If you’re missing the motivational aspect of being able to exercise along with other people due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, you might benefit from joining a local online group or club designed to help people working out from home. Informal Facebook groups or official groups set up by local personal trainers who provide videos and tips are a great idea for anybody who is struggling for ideas, needs a little bit of motivation to get going, and enjoys the social aspect of exercising with a group or club, even if it’s difficult to get together in person right now.


Exercising as we know it might not be the same right now, but there are plenty of family-friendly ideas that you might want to try.

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