Father’s Day Gift ideas with Snapfish

Credit towards these Snapfish Father's Day gifts were sent to me for the purpose of writing an honest review in exchange for the items. All images and opinions are my own.

Father's Day Gift ideas with Snapfish

We have numerous pads of E’s drawings lying around the house. It’s safe to say he is following in his daddy’s footsteps with his love of drawing. We have a whole wall in our dining room dedicated to his pictures but we are fast running out of space and every now and then I have to have a cleanout of said paper as it just seriously overtakes the house! I have started taking photos of E’s drawings instead so at least I can document them digitally but I thought it’d be a great idea to use some of these drawings and incorporate them into some lovely Father’s Day gifts for hubby.

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Snapfish again to review some of their Father’s Day gifts (see my Snapfish Christmas review here) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get creative!

Personalised Photocard

No Father’s Day is complete without a card. There is a huge range of designs to choose from. We went with the option of uploading our own photo. E will no doubt want to add his own personal touch on the inside of the card too.
Prices for the personalised photo card start from £1.99

Father's Day personalised card by Snapfish
Father’s Day personalised card by Snapfish

Acrylic photo print

Next up, I decided that an acrylic photo print would be great for hubby’s desk at work. I wanted to incorporate a specially drawn picture for this, as well as a photo of hubby and the boys. Luckily being a designer I am pretty proficient at creating a design in photoshop so once I was happy, I uploaded it directly to my account to create the print. The acrylic prints are available in 5 sizes. I went for the 6×4″ size which comes with a handy desk stand.
Prices for the acrylic photo print start from £9.99

6x4 acrylic print - a great gift for Father's Day
6×4 acrylic print – a great gift for Father’s Day


Side view of the acrylic print with desk stand
Side view of the acrylic print with desk stand


Snapfish custom cover photo book
Snapfish custom cover photo book

I always have the best intentions of creating one of these of the boys but never got round to it – this seemed like the perfect opportunity for it. What makes it even more special are the drawings and scribbles from the boys I have included so that we get to keep them for years to come.

The Snapfish photo books are available in a wide range of sizes and you can also choose different types of covers, be it hard or softback. I opted for an 8×8 customer cover hardback book with 20 pages which was £24.99 + £5 for the premium theme I chose (see below).

Snapfish custom cover photo book

Snapfish custom cover photo book

I had so much fun creating this book. The process was relatively easy. Firstly I selected all the photos and drawings that I would use and uploaded them onto my account. Then I chose a theme. I went for a premium theme called “Doodles” which was perfect as I was combining my photos and the boy’s drawings. You could choose what type of layout you wanted for each page based on the number of images you wanted and being a fussy designer like me I was also able to easily move the pages around until I was happy! You could also write and include fathers day poems for that added extra touch.

Snapfish custom cover photo book

Snapfish custom cover photo bookSnapfish custom cover photo bookSnapfish custom cover photo bookSnapfish custom cover photo book
Prices for the photo books vary from £5.99 – £42.99


Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of all the items I ordered. I ordered my items on a Sunday evening and they arrived on Wednesday/Thursday (the card and acrylic photo print arrived first)  so took around 3-4 working days. I find the Snapfish site easy to use and there is a great variety of choice for themes/layouts and designs.

My only very slight negative would be the choice of wording on the Father’s Day cards. My boys being young, still call Mr H “daddy” and there seems to be a limited number of designs with this wording. What would be great is if there were an option to choose your design and then amend the wording to suit. ie: changing “dad” to “daddy” for instance or even for families who don’t have a dad but have a father figure in their lives that they want to send a personalised card to – I think if this was an option it would offer up much more flexibility.

My favourite item from these gifts though is the photo book because it is such a personal item and holds lots of treasured memories – I know hubby will love it. This also solves the problem of having endless amounts of drawing pads in our house – if I continue to document the boy’s drawings digitally I can then create these beautiful photo books to store them in, and hopefully one day they will be able to show their own families.


  1. Aww! What lovely things you chose….I do like that Acrylic photo print! So cute x

  2. Such lovely gifts, love the personalised card. #Fathersday2015

  3. Louise George

    Gorgeous gift ideas – love that acrylic print and the book – I’ve used Snapfish a few times for doing photo books and loved them. Thanks for linking up to #FathersDay2015

  4. Christina Smith Gibson

    Love these ideas. I keep waiting to create regular photo albums to watch children grow up. Thank you for linking up with #FathersDay2015! Happy Father’s Day

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