Focusing on DIY and our house plans – again…

We have recently been decorating our home. Before Christmas we made a start on the hallway, stripping the paint and glossing the woodwork. It took a while, but slowly we are getting there. Despite having a new front door fitted we still have some way to go before it is totally finished. It’s safe to say redecorating our home is way past overdue. This is mainly because we are so busy. Mr H and I both have full-time jobs, and I have the blog as well as the boys so having spare time is scarce. However, this is also partly down to the fact that for a while we couldn’t decide whether we wanted to stay where we are or move to a bigger home.


For now, we have decided to stay put and look at renovating our home as and when time and finances allow us. Decorating is the easy part. It is the bigger jobs we want to have done that will cost more money. We have also discussed with our mortgage provider about a remortgaging to carry out more work but being able to access a line of credit from places like Polar Credit to use for ad-hoc renovations will come in handy. Polar Credit offers a credit line which allows you to borrow money as and when you need it. Customers can apply for a credit limit online and if approved, sums of money can be transferred direct to your bank account. Interest is paid only on the amount of money drawn out of the credit line, not on the total credit limit agreed.

Ideally, I would love to be able to add an extension to our home. We have a fairly long garden and extending our home would allow me to design my dream kitchen that is spacious and has enough room to house all my kitchen gadgets! We currently have a tiny galley kitchen so having more space to cook would just be amazing and would also mean the boys could help me in the kitchen as well.

I would also love to be able to go up into the loft to add an extra bedroom too. E and M both share a bedroom, so being able to add another room would mean that they would each have their own bedroom for when they get older. Or even, for now, a place for their trains or ever-growing Pokemon collection! It would be really for them to have their own space as I know they won’t want to be sharing at some point in the future. Adding an extra floor to the house will mean we’ll need to lose some space in our current box room to make way for a new staircase. I like the idea of having a glass staircase as its such a small space to work with, glass will make it feel more spacious. We may even look into staircase refurbishment to update our existing staircase too!

For now, this is still something we are discussing as increasing our mortgage is a huge financial decision. We are going to concentrate on finishing painting and decorating the hallway and living room first and then decide what we’d like to do afterwards.

Do you have tips for us when it comes to remodelling our home? What do we need to know before we decide to take the next step?

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