Garden plans for 2020

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Mr H informed me the other day that he has decided that he wants to aim to give the garden a makeover this year. We are still very undecided about our extension plans – what with the Brexit uncertainty and the fact he is also not sure if his skin would be able to stand the dust and mess of building work (he suffers from atopic eczema). He’s decided that he wants to tackle the garden so that the boys can play outside more often. We’ve talked about wanting to lay artificial grass down, and this would mean that the boys would still be able to play in the garden even if it’s a little damp and we wouldn’t need to worry about them getting muddy!

I am all for having artificial grass – I wouldn’t need to worry about those dreaded weeds for a start and no more having to cut the grass either – result!

We put new fencing put up a few years ago. With the many storms we’ve had since then, I am so pleased that we chose to put concrete posts in. Fingers crossed, so far the posts have withstood the weather. The fence panels have weathered a bit since we’ve had them though so I think they could do with weatherproofing. I would like to add a pop of colour to them too.


We have quite a long garden with a garage and a shed at the end. I emptied the shed towards the end of last summer with the view of dismantling it to open up the garden a bit more. We never got around to doing this, so it is on the list to do for this year when we start our garden plans. The garage has an asbestos roof so we’ll need to get someone in to remove this for us. When the end of the garden is cleared, we’ll be able to let the boys use this space for playing in. The trampoline can be moved down there, and we will probably invest in some swings from Wickey who specialise in playground equipment. They have a wide range of swing sets to choose from and some can even be combined with a slide. I am pretty sure that the boys would love something like that in the garden – especially as they’re older now, they can swing themselves and don’t need my help!


Once the artificial grass is laid and we have sorted out the boy’s play equipment there’ll be no stopping the amount of time they will be spending in the garden – come rain or shine! I’ll be able to join them when its sunny outside. I am hoping to update our garden furniture with some comfy outdoor sofas so I can sit and relax on the patio, watching them play while basking in the sun!

Do you have any plans to update your garden?

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  1. Ahh! I would love artificial grass. It would save me having to nag my fella to mow it. We are going to need a new fence before long. Ours haven’t faired well in all the storms we’ve been having.
    It sounds like you have some fantastic plans x

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