How to get the ultimate vintage look home

You know those gorgeous homes you see in style magazines? The ones with beautiful dressers that are filled with trinkets and a living room filled with shabby chic style furniture? One day, I would love to have a home like that.

I’ve been taking some inspiration from Pinterest and it turns out, it may not be as difficult as I first thought to achieve, it just takes a bit of planning and having the right eye for detail in knowing what items will work and what won’t

Here are just some ways you can transform your home and get the ultimate vintage look.

Visit Antique Shops and Flea Markets

What better way to achieve the vintage look than by looking for original items at an Antique shop or Flea Market? Glassware for the kitchen, photo frames for the living room. These could be picked up at very reasonable prices in places like this. And if you like quirky vintage you could pick up an old typewriter or old cameras for decoration too.


You may already have furniture in the home that you could transform just by giving it a lick of paint and “distressing” the finish using sandpaper to give it the shabby chic look.

Buy vintage online

Failing that, if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty there are some great vintage places online like Melody Maison where you can buy french style furniture and have them delivered to your home.

DIY Storage

There are literally thousands of ways you can create your own vintage storage solutions with using pallets and Apple crates. The crates themselves can be picked up on eBay relatively cheaply and you can create storage solutions for all your needs. You can then stain them to your preferred colour too.

Sash Windows

If you really want to push the boat out and go the whole hog, you could consider installing sash windows. Traditionally these windows are timber so timber sliding sash windows would help you achieve the ultimate vintage look.

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