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Did you know that Christmas is just a mere 14 weeks away? That means to be organised, we need to start thinking about buying gifts around about now! I don’t know about you but these days I do around 80% of my Christmas shopping online. I spend time scouring the internet for the best deals and I love looking for unique gifts too. I love the fact I can do this in the comfort of my own home and don’t have to battle the Christmas rush in stores. is an online store which stocks a wide range of products. From gadgets, home accessories, personalised gifts – there is literally a gift for any occasion. We were asked to pick out a few items to try out their service and below are the items we went with.

Scrabble Lights scrabble-lights

As soon as I saw these lights I just knew I had to have them! Pre-children Mr H and I loved playing Scrabble so I thought it was the perfect way to pay homage to our pre-children days. They come with a pack of re-usable stickers that you can stick in front of the lights to create your messages.

scrabble-lights-wall scrabble-lights-pic

I love the way they look and I think it would make a great alternative to Birthday banners for parties. It comes with a generous 2-metre cable with a USB end and costs £25.99. It’s worth noting that the plug was an EU one so I did have to use a separate USB plug instead.

Letter banner


In addition to the Scrabble lights, I saw this letter banner whilst browsing and thought they would complement each other really well. I have seen other people have a Black & White version of this Letter Banner but I love the fact these are so bright and colourful as it really cheers up my dining room!


They come in a pack with 100 letters, numbers and symbols which allows you the freedom to create any number of messages. They are easily connected together with paper fasteners and for £6.99 I think it’s a bargain because you can use them again and again.


Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet


I have been wanting to buy one of these for Mr H for ages. Quite simply because I get a little sick and tired of him asking me where the bottle opener is every time he wants to open a beer. It’s always in the same place (top drawer) but he can never seem to find it. This clever Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet solves the problem and is so easy to use. The magnet on it is super strong so you don’t have to worry about pulling it off the fridge. The Bottler Opener Fridge Magnet costs £16.99.

Overall, I found the website really clear and easy to use. You can easily search for gifts under Experiences, Occasion or who you are looking to buy a gift for and prices are really reasonable. If you spend over £50 you also qualify for free next day delivery too so this would be a great place to start your Christmas shopping!

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*I received these items in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Annabel Greaves

    I love personalised gifts and the best gift was a photo frame with family pictures

  2. my daughter

  3. Mine would be my heart necklace from my partner for my 21st birthday 🙂

  4. My chihuahua!

  5. probably my pandora bracelet, I love it!

  6. My daughter leaves little notes for me about the house, telling me how much she loves me and I keep them in a little decorated box that she made for me. It’s the personal things that mean so much

  7. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    An afternoon tea with my best friends, it was a surprise which made it even better

  8. my pet dog jack had him 10 years now x

  9. My wife unexpectedly bought me a bronze statue of an Art Deco naked dancer – it’s fabulous!

  10. My engagement ring! Beautiful!

  11. My lava lamp when I was 18

  12. I once received a ceiling fan from my mum. It was really useful on hot days.

  13. My matching Links of London necklace and bracelet for my birthday

  14. a sindys wall of sound when i was a child i loved it

  15. I don’t know if I could pick a particular gift out, but I know that my mum always gives amazingly quirky and fun gifts. One year I had a mouse themed birthday!

  16. My lovely cat x

  17. Jennifer Haden

    The best gift I ever got was a geode rock from my grandpa when he visited a ghost town in California. I wanted to go so badly, I was only little back then, but was too ill, so the beauty of the gift was well appreciated 🙂

  18. A laptop totally unexpected 🙂

  19. a beautiful necklace off hubby x

  20. A beautiful doll sitting in a high backed chair, which was musical and had a hidden jewellery box underneath chair. Bought for me by my Mum, when I was a child.

  21. Angela Treadway

    my mums ring that she used to wear x

  22. Probably my links of London bracelet when I was about 14 years old of my dad!

  23. Catherine McAlinden

    A holiday to Florida

  24. My wedding ring.

  25. my signet ring my mum got me for my 18th birthday

  26. A stuffed penguin from my son, as it was the first present he ever picked out for me actually understanding that it was intended for me. He was just over 2. I cried. Lol

  27. Andrea Fletcher

    A Whitby jet necklace from my son.

  28. ElegantlyHafsah

    My family in all honesty. Such a blessing. <3

  29. Martina Pichova

    My first laptop – it changed my world…

  30. samantha price

    would have to my grandson

  31. Karen hutchinson

    My engagement ring

  32. an Inter-Rail travel ticket is the best one I have received

  33. an eternity ring

  34. My Puggle Evie 🙂

  35. A silver solid heart.

  36. A bottle of l’occitaine moisturiser – I loved it so much I buy it all the time, no matter the cost!!

  37. my bathroom mirror love it

  38. Sounds sad but my GHD straighteners! I have thick frizzy hair so they were a Godsend! 🙂

  39. Francesca Jones

    A hand crafted canvas with birth details of my daughter made by a friend – it is lovely <3

  40. Laura Pritchard

    Some green suede driving gloves – they were so elegant & exactly my style, I was impressed my boyfriend had chosen them unprompted!


    For myself it has to be a scrapbook with wonderful family memories inside it.

  42. My husband bought me a holiday once

  43. a gorgeous clogau bracelet from my late husband

  44. A necklace that my boys chose for me

  45. A 5* Hogmanay package!

  46. It would have to be the Peter Kay tickets my sister got me for my 30th just an amazing night! I love the scrabble letters too I think Olivia would love them in her bedroom, she loves scrabble but I’m not very good at it!

  47. My best gift ever received was a wooden sewing box which my grandad made for me and my grandmother filled it with sewing materials.I still use it to this day and it is very precious to me.

  48. It’s between my electric guitar and tickets to see Wicked by my wonderful sister x

  49. im always happy with books 🙂

  50. A gift box of Yankee candles, I’m easily pleased

  51. melanie stirling

    A new wedding ring from my husband as a christmas present.

  52. claire griffiths

    my silver locket

  53. a holiday for christmas 😀

  54. Angela McDonald

    My Nintendo NES console that my boyfriend bought me for our first Christmas together (5 years ago) – I had one at my parents but my dad threw it out and I was gutted in the summer – but my boyfriend remembered and bought me a newly refurbished one with my favourite games from my childhood!

  55. Helen Stratton

    There had a been a necklace that I adored in our towns jewellers window. I showed it to everybody! One day It disappeared and I was so upset, it was in the secondhand section, so I knew it had been their only one. Imagine my joy when I unwrapped it Christmas morning.

  56. Pam Francis Gregory

    A canvas print of photos of my cats

  57. It was a dream weaver, I made my dolls a blanket with it, I think I was about 7 🙂

  58. A holiday

  59. My handmade/decorated trinket box, decorated by my 3 eldest children a few years ago for mothers day <3

  60. A handmade bracelet off my eldest

  61. a gold locket necklace with a special photo in it xxx

  62. Kristyn Harris

    My husband surprised me on our 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Dubai. That was the best present I have ever received.

  63. A weekend in Paris

  64. My bike, one Christmas when I was 11 I think. I hadn’t been allowed one for EVER, so was amazing to finally get one.

  65. Michelle Ferguson

    My kindle as i love reading

  66. Best gift would have to be my dog.

  67. My ex partner took me to Paris for 5 days for my 25th birthday. The relationship didn’t last, but it did spark a love affair for the city.

  68. my beautiful cat

  69. Lindsey Loughtman

    An ipad for Christmas. I have used it so much

  70. kimberley ryan

    It was a framed photograph of my late husband, given to me by my oldest son

  71. The best gift I ever received was a washing machine in the 1974.

  72. A big calculator

  73. Allan Fullarton

    My daughter.

  74. When my son was 2 he wrapped up a can of my favorite cola to give to me for mothers day. It was so sweet, even though he just got it from the fridge.

  75. A trumpet from my hubby !

  76. A very old children’s book

  77. Vera Bahounkova

    my pet dog Bonnie

  78. A fit bit!

  79. tricia cowell

    An ipad mini

  80. I remember getting my first laptop when I was a kid – I was so grateful and happy I cried!

  81. My first car from my parents on my 17th birthday

  82. A watch and its engraved

  83. gemma hendry

    my little girl is my fave gift ever

  84. Tote socks I love thick fluffy socks!

  85. My favourite gift, was/is my wife saying yes when I proposed to her

  86. A new camera, its amazing, does everything

  87. A bicycle from Santa when I was a child.

  88. Victoria Prince

    A dog 🙂 I knew about him in advance and I chose him, but he was my 18th birthday present from my grandparents.

  89. Patricia Avery

    A game called ‘Spot the Peanut’ My daughter’s way of telling me she was pregnant with my first grandson 🙂

  90. A skull painting my friend did that had mine and hubby’s names and wedding date on (we got married on Halloween).

  91. Lynsey Buchanan

    The best gift I have ever received is diamond earrings

  92. A breast pump

  93. Carol Boffey

    A laptop

  94. Natalie Crossan

    my lovely dog x

  95. an engagement ring in new york

  96. Caroline Signey

    A bike when I was 8

  97. Michelle Wild

    Two chinchilla Persian kittens.

  98. Stephen Little

    A lovely watch.

  99. A trip to Venice 🙂

  100. A holiday to Morocco

  101. Lorraine Langham

    I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day 2004 – turned out to be my beautiful twin daughters.

  102. Hand made pot of my son

  103. Jo McPherson

    a voucher for a trip to a michelin star restaurant, it was a lovely surprise

  104. gemma raines

    my bike is the best thing iv ever been given

  105. olivia kirby

    A bracelet that my son bought me one year for Mothers Day

  106. Leila Benhamida

    A trip to Barcelona for my 4th birthday.

  107. My son puts so much thought into my pressies, and last year he bought me a pair of turquiose animal print Vans which I adore and wear almost every day!

  108. My Pandora bracelet my husband gave me. I had always liked them but we have never been interested in spending that kind of money on things so it was a lovely surprise 🙂

  109. Rachel Butterworth

    My Kindle Fire tablet, which I’m using to enter this competition.

  110. Denielle Nicol

    I got given a real four leaf clover by my best friend last Christmas and that to me is a totally unbeatable gift! I smiled for days 🙂 Dxx

  111. Jessica Townley

    My Lego Harry Potter castle which my hubby bought me!

  112. The iPad my hubby treated me too as a surprise 🙂

  113. A trip to Las Vegas for my birthday.

  114. My children 🙂 Such a blessing x

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