The Gro Company – Ziggy Pop Grobag review

The Ziggy Pop Grobag was sent to me with the purpose of writing an honest review in exchange for the item. All images and opinions are my own.


I count myself very lucky that I have two boys that are pretty good sleepers and have slept through from around 4-5 months old. E was always one to not move around very much in his sleep but M however, is a proper little wriggler! I find him in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions when I go to check on him.

M will be 2 in February and I can’t see him moving onto a duvet and pillow any time soon so we use baby sleep bags. I have used quite a few different brands over the last few years but the Gro Company ones (although a little more expensive than their competitors) are by far the best. It really comes as no surprise that they are the Number 1 sleep bag across the UK that is recommended by The Lullaby Trust (the UK’s number one safer sleep charity)

gro-bagWe were sent a Ziggy Pop grobag to review and I have to say I had forgotten what great quality the Gro Company sleep bags were. Made from 100% cotton the sleep bag is soft to touch and feels so comfy that even I wanted to snuggle in one and go to sleep!

M in his gro bagThis Ziggy Pop gro bag has a side zip and two poppers on each shoulder which keeps M nice and warm inside. I’m not sure if its coincidence but he seems to be sleeping in later whilst wearing this, and on more than a few occasions (as you will see from the video below) – I have had to go in and wake him!

This gro bag retails at £23.99

We LOVE this Grobag and this will last M well until we are ready to transfer him into a big boy’s bed. Hopefully, by then he will have stopped moving around so much in bed. Otherwise, I think I’ll be investing in the Gro to bed duvet sets which look like the perfect solution to his wriggliness!

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