A holiday without the kids?

One of the first ever holidays I went on with Mr H was a trip to Paris for a long weekend. This was back in the day before booking holidays online was a thing. Being big kids, as well as taking in the sights of “gay Paris” we also spent a day at Disneyland Paris and one of most memorable moments was when Mr H managed to appear after having been to the toilet to find his coat covered with tomato ketchup without a clue of how it got there.

Venice was where we lost count of how many “pontes” (bridges) we would walk over but I found it refreshing to be somewhere with no cars, and we either had to walk everywhere or take a water taxi. It was the place I bought my first ever Gucci bag and where Mr H bought me a Gucci watch.


Our Barcelona trip was with friends, and the thing I most remember about that trip was how drunk we got on Sangria and the crazy taxi driver whom Mr H insisted on talking to about President Bush – of all things!

It was New York after that where our hotel overlooked the Chrysler Building, and I found my love for handbags and shoes in Macy’s.


We then went to Hong Kong and Malaysia which was a visiting family trip/mini holiday rolled into one.

Not long after that, we did the very grown-up thing of buying our first house. We got married and had the boys. Since then, holidays have been very much family-focused. Making sure the flight wasn’t too long, that the hotel had facilities to cater for children as well as the destination being a family-friendly one.

We’ll be 10 years married next year, and it would be amazing to be able to go on an adult only break to remind us what holidays were like pre-children. We love our boys and want to show them the world, but I do think it would be an excellent opportunity to celebrate us as a couple. After all, it’s not every day you celebrate 10 years of marriage is it?


I’m thinking a long weekend somewhere – I’ve heard Santorini is meant to be stunning, or even Croatia.

Do you have recommendations of where we could go? I’d love to hear them!

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