How a Back Massager helps you relieve back pain

Back pains can be such a dreadful experience. They can be depressing and can make doing day to day activities challenging. In exceptional scenarios, one can be bedridden for days.

These pains can be caused as a result of so many factors including natural causes like pregnancy and old age to self-induced triggers like lifting heavy objects and carrying out gruelling activities that put pressure on the spine and other muscles of the back.

Bad posturing such as slouching is also a major culprit when it comes to back pain.

Whatever the cause of your back pain, the application of a back massager can lessen the effect of your symptoms and bring relief in no time. Let’s find out how.

back massager

By loosening the tension

There are many types of back massagers, and each type has its own mode of operation. Some make use of UV light and heat sensors, while others are made up of substances that emit vibrations. Maybe the vibrating back massager is the most common and popular option out there.

Whichever of these devices you use; once applied to the back, they relax and soften the muscles in the back that have toughened up or stiffened because of unhealthy activities, strain, and stress from work or bad posturing for long periods.

When applied consistently on the affected parts of the back, a massager helps to bring about relief from pain. Doctors may also advise that back massagers be used alongside aspirin or other analgesics.

Improving blood and lymph circulation

Blood transports oxygen and other nutrients. Consequently, when oxygen is absent in a cell, the cell becomes fatigued.

In similar circumstances, once the back is stressed or stretched as a result of physical activity or bad posture, oxygen is depleted from the cell.In place of oxygen; there will be an abundance of waste products and excess fluids, which show as swelling or inflammation.

With a back massager, however, the body responds to the massaging effect by releasing certain chemicals that allow blood flow to the affected parts. This flow brings with it the needed oxygen and nutrients that the muscles on your back require.

Relaxing the tissues of the back

Have you ever tried exercising? If you have, you will notice that the muscles of the body tense up and become firm as a result of the contraction of muscular cells. These contractions of the muscles are often accompanied by a loss of flexibility and sometimes pain.

With a back massager, stimulation of these contracted muscles occurs – especially after strenuous exercise. These stimulations, from the vibration or heat, result in relaxation of the unpleasantly strained muscles of the back.

Ligaments, deep tissues, tendons, and every connective tissue in the back is relaxed by the pressure from a massager.

Reducing back spasm

It is common to have back spasms, especially during severe back pain, and after an accident or intense stretching of the back.

Although physical massage can alleviate it, with the use of back massagers consistently, the spasms on the back will not only reduce; they will disappear completely.

Back massagers exert pressure on both the deep and superficial layers of the muscles, causing both physical and physiological changes to the back. If the spasms continue after applying a massager, then the best thing to do is to visit a physician.

Release of serotonin

When back massagers are used on the back, they result in the release of a relaxing hormone. This hormone is called serotonin.

This is the same hormone that is secreted in the body that allows individuals to fall asleep, especially after sex. The secretion causes sleep, and sleep causes the back pains to become less severe.

The more relaxed an individual is, the more likely the individual can feel better. This is why most people feel better after a good nap.

Finally, back massagers have come to stay. They are of different types as already stated at the beginning of this article. But irrespective of the brand or mode of operation, the most important consensus is that they allow relaxation of tense muscles, encourage the release of serotonin and improve blood circulation.

These helpful functionalities make them a perfect choice for athletes and everyday people with back pain.

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