How relaxing is your flooring?

Having your own space to relax and unwind is 9 times out of 10 a room within the home. How you find that relaxation is to look at your flooring situation. Wanting comfort in both how you walk as well as what you see and of course, how little time you have to spend looking after it.

Thankfully you can find satisfaction for all within luxury vinyl flooring, such as Polyflor.

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Less cleaning

The first thing you are going to be considering is cleaning the floor. There is no denying this is a major concern for anyone looking to install new flooring.

Whilst many begin to look into what carpet cleaning devices and chemicals would be required, and others want to insure their flooring for damages, vinyl flooring provides some guarantees. The first is that it is easy to clean with simple warm water and a sponge or mop.

The other is that there is no instance of seeping water through floorboards to your subfloor due to moisture-resistant manufacturing. These both are enough of a reason why most households choose vinyl for longer-lasting resistance over a major headache in any other situation.

Comfort levels

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as herringbone flooring, provides you with a natural cushion feel underneath your feet as well as it lends itself as a perfect partner for underfloor heating.

Vinyl will stay in place unlike other floorings that could see a rise or bubbling due to temperature changes. It is also designed to accentuate the benefits of underfloor heating, ensuring that every step is a warm welcome no matter how cold it is inside.

Cushion quality also increases the safety of household objects that would usually smash when dropped. That means plates, glasses, and ornaments have a higher chance of bouncing than being destroyed upon impact.

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Larger selection

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer selection you have. Polyflor flooring has enough designs to guarantee you the right choice.

Whatever you look for to relax, feel safe and spend time not worrying about your home, have it the way you want with luxury vinyl flooring. Polyflor is a unique brand that is recognised for its intricate design layer and tough resistance features, all the while being extremely comfortable underfoot and a natural layer for underfloor heating systems.

If you are on the lookout for something that provides great comfort at a great price, luxury vinyl flooring such as Polyflor is a great base for your home.

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