How to bring your holiday into your home

There’s something quite addictive about ‘getting away from it all’. Whether it’s a mini-break to London or a cruise around the Med, a good holiday refreshes the senses, making you feel much more positive about life in general.

Sadly, the holiday feeling never lasts forever. After stepping back into the house, we’re often confronted with life at its most laborious; mountains of laundry, meals to cook, and jobs to return to.


Bringing the holiday feeling into your everyday life

Holidays are really important. They help you to avoid burn-out, they give you a chance to see new places, and they’re the ideal opportunity to spend time with the family.

The good news is, you don’t have to leave the holiday behind when you get home. Here are a few handy tips to incorporate the ‘holiday vibe’ into your everyday life.

Hooray for holidays (at home)!

Love that Mexican cabana? See if you can revamp your living room to make it reflect your ‘happy place’. Likewise, it’s not too hard to inject some Asian cool into your bedroom, or some warm Greek colours into the kitchen. Look online for some inspiration.

Work the scent

Smell is a powerful tool when it comes to recapturing memories. Use fragrance or a scented candle to remind you of your favourite getaway. For example, an Italian-themed fragrance like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino immediately takes you to a cobbled street on the Amalfi Coast.

Cook your favourite holiday meal

Did you love that Nasi Goreng in Indonesia? Or that Coq au Vin in France? Whatever you enjoyed eating, learn how to cook it at home. This is a fun, communal activity that the whole family can get involved with, and it’s guaranteed to stir up some great memories.

Eat outside

There’s something about dining al fresco (or even having a drink in the garden) that feels a lot like being abroad. If it’s cold, it doesn’t matter! Wrap up warm, or shelter under an umbrella. The change of scenery alone makes it worth it. If the garden isn’t in the best shape, invest some money in transforming it; you could even create your own tiki bar in the corner!


Visit somewhere new

Continue the spirit of exploration; only this time, limit yourself to a 30-mile radius, rather than climbing on a plane and visiting a new country. There are likely to be loads of places near you that you’ve never visited before – unknown coves, little villages, woodland or even a large city. Indulge your sense of adventure!

Research the next holiday

If you’re a fan of fantasising about your next break, spend time online researching where you’d next like to go. Create a little scrapbook, filled with images of the places you want to visit. This is a great way to relive the excitement of going away (without actually committing to spend any money). Then of course, when you’re ready, you’ve got the excitement of booking it!

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