How to have a stress-free layover with children

I know that it’s not the right time to go on holiday but who says it isn’t the right time to start planning one? According to researchers on this National Geographic article, “looking ahead to your next adventure could benefit your mental health. Even if you’re not sure when that adventure will be.” So, today is the right day to start planning your next holiday!


We all miss going on holiday with our loved ones, exploring new countries, eating different food or simply enjoying some time away. However, there is one part of travelling to faraway destinations that I simply dislike… layovers… this dreadful word that many of us simply prefer to stay away from. What about layovers with children? Adults get grumpy and cranky during layovers as it is… so, add children into the mix and you have a disaster waiting to happen…


Not so fast! If you think like this, think again! There are definitely ways to make layovers stress-free(ish). Take it from me and take it from all other families who manage to go on holiday and enjoy the airport experience as much as the holiday itself. To share some ways on how to have a less stressful layover experience, I’ve partnered up with Aviation Spares & Repairs, ground support equipment specialists, who know all about airports.


Play games

Aviation Spares recommend playing airport-related games to keep everyone entertained. This could be I-Spy aviation equipment edition, learning about the behind the scenes of airports or simply plane spotting. To learn more about airport equipment, this article on Tantrums to Smiles is my go-to! She shares a variety of equipment that is used to make sure planes are ready for you to board – great airport trivia to teach the little ones!

Enjoy free airport activities

Did you know that airports worldwide offer free activities to make travellers experience as enjoyable as possible? Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum recommends having a “quick Google search to see if your departure or arrival airport has some free activities to experience” before you head out to the airport. From petting therapy animals at Southampton airport to ice skating at South Korea’s main airport, Incheon International Airport.

Eat, snack and drink

After a long plane trip, make sure to eat, snack and stay hydrated. The last thing you’ll want is grumpy and hungry people waiting for hours to board the next plane. You can bring small snacks with you (to save some money) or go for airport food which is overly expensive but sometimes necessary.

Take a breather

As this article on Let Them Be Small mentions, “Sometimes the hustle and bustle of airports can be overwhelming for both adults and children alike.” Sometimes you simply want to relax. Either way, head over to an empty gate for some much-needed alone time.

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