How to help your kids to do better at school

Children are little sponges. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding everything around them, and what they bring to each of their lessons matters more than you think. The thing is, this whole year has been a year of home education, learning away from the school environment and disruption, which may have made your children go off the boil a little with the things that they need to know. This then affects their want to learn more, so helping them to do better at school and giving them the edge in their learning is key for their future success.

The positive thing that you need to know is that you can enhance your child’s potential and make it so that they want to learn as much as possible. With the right attitude, any child can learn something they want to learn, and you can offer them the right support to do it. With Professional online tuition, your praise and encouragement, any child can be successful in their education. If you are looking to ensure that your child has the best opportunities, then you need to do what you can to help them to do better at school. Their nature can be nurtured and no matter the personality type, there will always be ways to help.


Let’s take a look:

Teach failure

There are inventors and geniuses throughout history who have proven time and again that the stepping stones to success start with failure. Failure is going to help your children to learn, so don’t berate the mistakes and the failures: nurture them. Talk them through their options and remind them that every skill takes time to get competent at. Children need to embrace failure and be resilient to be able to push through the initial trip-ups.

Make it fun

If children are having fun in their learning, they’re better able to retain the information in front of them. If you can, make sure that you are making their lessons as fun as they can be. Encourage your kids to love learning, and the rest will be easy. Set out with a positive mind and make sure that they have the same positivity. If you know that your children are going to enjoy the specific activity, they’re going to enjoy learning a lot more than you think.

Give them room

So many parents are all about academia, but you want to be the parent who can see the excitement and passion in their children and let them go for those. If your children are showing a specific interest in something, encourage it and foster that interest. Let them be excited and happy in what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter if their passions don’t surround the STEM subjects: they need to feel free to be excited in their learning.

Add relevance


Math and Science can be boring to a child, but if you change up the way that the lessons are learnt at school by giving them other options at home, you’re going to encourage your children to learn better. These subjects are hard to learn for kids – you’ve been there and remember what it’s like, so make them fun and easy. Show them how Science applies in the kitchen with molecular cooking, and make clay and art a part of Math and formulas. You can do so much more with their learning when you encourage them to branch out beyond pen and paper.

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