Is hand sanitiser safe for children?

Family has always come first but during these difficult times, family has definitely become the focus of my life. It’s the most important thing and keeping my children safe and disease-free has been my priority. To do this, I’ve explained to them about social distancing and introduced them to colourful face masks and hand sanitiser. And today, I’m focusing on the latter.

Hand washing is highly important, no matter if it is with soap and water or with hand sanitiser. By washing our hands properly, we can remove any germs, bacteria and viruses that might be on our hands, reducing the chances of getting ill and spreading these disease-causing microorganisms to spread to others. Hand sanitiser by Ocean Free has been my go-to when we are out and about with no access to water.


Hand sanitiser is the on-the-go solution to all your hand sanitising needs. As Emmys Mum says in a recent blog post, “lightweight, convenient and easy-to-use, hand sanitiser is the perfect solution for on-the-go hygiene.” Whether you are going to the supermarket or simply going to the playground, a small bottle of hand sanitiser should always be in your purse or backpack.

As this article on Baby Budgeting mentions, hand sanitiser should be used “after touching public surfaces, such as door handles, light switches and bannister rails, or after touching food and other objects.” You should also use sanitiser after touching lift buttons, supermarket carts, parcels and any other surface that might have been touched by others.


Using hand sanitiser is important but using it correctly is even more important to ensure its effectiveness. Rub hand sanitiser all over your hands, don’t forget between fingers, nails, wrists and thumbs. And then, let hand sanitiser dry before touching anything else. It is also essential to supervise children when using hand sanitiser plus, keep it out of reach. The American Academy of Pediatrics highlights the importance of keeping hand sanitisers out of children’s reach for their safety – from not leaving hand sanitiser in purses, backpacks and cars and storing it out of reach.


Perhaps you are having a hard time sanitising your children’s hands as they are not fond of it. This article on Mother Distracted recommends purchasing scented hand sanitisers to encourage your little ones to use hand sanitiser more often, which could be a good trick! As the article says, “their favourite scents might encourage them to use hand sanitiser.”

Do you have any recommendations for children who don’t want to use hand sanitiser?

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