Snow and Bubbles – Living Arrows 10/53

What a week! I think everyone had a visit from the beast from the east and my goodness did the temperatures plummet! We woke up on Wednesday morning to a blanket of snow. The boys were desperate for a snow day but the school remained open. To be honest, I think they had more fun playing in the snow at school with their friends than they would have done if they were at home. M told me they were allowed on the field at break time to have a snowball fight with their teachers.


After a busy weekend last week, we had a relatively quiet one. E went out for a friends birthday on Saturday morning which left Mr H and I at home having some one-to-one time with M. Snow had melted by the afternoon but it was still rather chilly. M wanted to blow bubbles so we spent a half hour outside blowing and catching bubbles and I managed to capture this cheeky photo of him.

I’m hoping Spring is finally here now as I believe we are promised much wilder weather next week.


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth
Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows


  1. That’s such a lovely shot, love the hat too. It’s so much milder today here #livingarrows

  2. Lovely photos, you had a lot of snow! I’m looking forward to Spring as well! x


  3. I’m hoping that spring is here now too although it’s still so cold!! It looks like you had so much snow where you are! x

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