My kind and helpful boy – Living Arrows 2/53

We’ve been slowly getting back to our usual routine this last week. Mr H went back to work on Wednesday and the boys were back to school on Thursday. I was dreading having to drag them out of bed on Thursday morning but it wasn’t too bad and we actually managed to leave the house 5 minutes early – unheard of!

It was back to swimming after school too and as I’m not back at work until Monday it was a lot less stressful as I had pre-made dinner for when we got in.

M came out of school on Friday with a certificate for always being kind and helpful to everyone in his class. I cannot tell you how heartwarming it was to see that in writing. We’re so so proud of him!


We headed into Chichester on Saturday for a friends 40th Birthday dinner so took the opportunity to have a mooch around the shops beforehand. These two photos were snapped on my phone when we stopped off for a snack.


The Living Arrows linky originated from the quote below:

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth
Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows


  1. They always look so happy! So content for your waking them up to get ready to go to school went well.

    It can be hard to go back to normal after a long holiday #Living Arrows

  2. So lovely that your son was recognised for kindness – what a wonderful quality to celebrate. I love your son’s dragon top! Very cool. #Living Arrows

  3. It’s so nice when days like that are less stressful – Thursdays are swimming for us and it’s my least favourite day of the week. I’ve never been to Chichester but really should visit, it always sounds beautiful x

  4. Well done M! Such a wonderful quality to be recognised for.

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