My London: Lily’s Little Learners

In this week’s My London we have Cassie from Lily’s Little Learners. 

What do you love most about London?
The thing I love the most about London is that there is always something going on. I am quite a fast-paced person myself and love being busy and so it’s great that there are always 101 things to do.

What’s your most favourite memory of London?
Has to be London Fashion Week. Working as a photographer, I was always so excited to be attending. I loved photographing all the catwalk shows and getting to be in the photographer’s pit photographing some amazing fashion designs. There was always such a buzz about London Fashion Week. Press everywhere, people dressing in their best outfits –  and even if you weren’t part of attending London Fashion Week you just knew it was going on. One of my best years there was when I put on my own catwalk using the streets as the catwalk.


If you had to pick one iconic building in London what would it be?
I have always loved Battersea Powerstation, I was living just outside of London and so it was the building I would see on my way in. I always had to look at it going past. Building wise, I think I love London’s past more than its current day. A strange bricked building is much more interesting than a tall strangely shaped glass one.

If you could recommend one place that’s off the beaten track and away from the hotspots for someone out of town to visit where would it be?
This is a tricky one, it’s hard for me to know what is classed as a hotspot that someone wouldn’t know about. I love places like Camden Town, the market there is amazing, but I expect most have probably heard of that. I do also love the area around Liverpool Street Station. If you get off there and have a good wander around there’s always interesting shops and markets and buildings to see.

Best place you’ve eaten in?
You know, I couldn’t tell you the name but In Soho, I found a lovely Vegetarian Restaurant where the food was really good. It was a really interesting looking restaurant with lots of plants and trees inside. It was only tiny and located on the corner of a street but I sometimes think you find the best food in the smallest places.

The last theatre productions/show or concert you went to or would like to see?
I took Lily to see the Hungary Caterpillar and it was brilliant. I have always been really impressed with London’s stage shows and I have actually only seen the ones that are for children. However, even the ones that are only for kids have the best sets and costumes as well as great actors which makes for an amazing show.

Favourite place to visit on a night out and why?
I rarely went out in London. The only time I really went out was for work which took me to some very nice bars and hotels. I did have a really good night out at a club called EGG. The night I went, it was open until 8 am and I went on a summers day and was drinking (though not alcohol) and dancing in the outside area while the sun was coming up. It was brilliant.

If you live in London, how long have you lived there for? If not, what makes you visit time and time again?
I am originally from up North but moved to London to try and get a career in Fashion. I lived there for 7 years but moved back North a year ago, as its much better for my daughter. I do go back to London when I can, mostly to visit friends and family. I miss the fact that there is always something going on in London and I do miss the fashion element too.

And finally a bit of fun – write the first thing that pops into your head!

L is for….. LONDON (strange how that word came into my head!)
O is for…. Overground
N is for… National Portrait Gallery
D is for… Dungeons
O is for… Oxford Circus
N is for… National History Museum

Cassie previously worked in the Fashion Industry as a photographer. She is now a mum to Lily aged 3 and part-time photography teacher.

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