Guest post: 10 easy swaps to healthier meals this Summer

As a healthy lifestyle blogger, these tips come naturally to me, but you may be wondering how you can make your meals a little healthier without adding any more time to the cooking. I lost 10 stone following these tips, and more so I am sure they will help you out too. Losing weight and being healthier doesn’t have to cost more and doesn’t have to involve exercise. A few little changes can make all the difference. Try implementing these little things and see if you notice an increase in energy as well as a bit of weight loss.

Swap oil for a low-fat cooking spray

For example, a one calorie per spray like frylight. If you really can’t bear to do this then use less oil and a good non-stick pan. If you find the food sticking add a splash of water instead of oil, it often works just as well and is a lot healthier.

frylight - make your meals a little healthier

Swap your drinks

Go from full sugar drinks to no added sugar, and you will be surprised at the difference. Two large bottles of full-fat coke a day have the equivalent of a pint glass of sugar in! Have sweetener in hot drinks or try and gradually cut down the sugar.

Cook meals from scratch

If you are not confident, even a sachet of flavouring often has fewer calories than a jar of sauce. Using herbs and spices need not be daunting, and if you cook it yourself, you know what is in it too. The taste is usually better, and home-made food is usually much healthier too.

Malaysian Red Pepper and Chicken Curry with Pilau Rice

Remove any visible fat from meat before you cook it

Also, use the lowest fat mince you can buy (usually 5% fat). Not only is it healthier but it will taste better too.

Add more vegetables to your meals

This doesn’t mean add more chips either! Experiment with different ways of cooking your favourite vegetables. Roast carrots are lovely, but you may have never thought to try them.

Check the packaging of your favourite foods

When you’re at the supermarket try another healthier brand and see if you equally enjoy. You may find that something you eat every morning for breakfast can be swapped this way easily.

Forget what you were told as a child

Eat until you are full not until your plate is empty. Learning to recognise when you are full and stopping will make a massive difference to you.

Snack on fruit when you can

Also, try lower calorie snacks. Instead of taking the whole packet of something in to watch the TV take half instead. You probably wouldn’t even notice!

Photo by Cecilia Par on Unsplash

When topping things with cheese add a bit less

It is so easy to grab a handful and then a little more but do you need that much? A sprinkle of cheese instead of a handful will make all the difference.

Think about your meal choices when eating out

When you eat out, don’t completely blow it and have the worst thing possible. Make a sensible choice you will enjoy and feel better for it.

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash


Jen Mellor is a popular family lifestyle blogger with a big focus on healthy lifestyles. After losing over 10 stone and sharing the ups and downs of her continuing battles with her weight she shares honest insights into her life. If you want to pop over and have a look at her blog you can find it at or go and say hello on social media where you can find her as @justaveragejen.

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