Our DIY plans

I love Summer – we are able to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy the longer days. What I really love most is being able to make use of the garden.

We are really lucky to have a 90ft garden. The boys can spend hours outside playing outside on their bikes, bouncing on the trampoline or hunting for bugs. Sometimes, this can be a blessing in disguise. A big garden means it needs up upkeeping and this takes time.

Most of our fence was blown away in the storms last year and we have only very recently replaced with new fencing. It’s amazing the difference a new fencing can make. It’s brightened up our garden no end and we finally have our privacy back with no neighbours overlooking us!

Our next project is to dig up the lawn (I’d like to keep the trees), which is currently rather tired and sad looking and replace it with artificial grass. We’re hoping this will keep the garden as low maintenance as possible as well as looking good all year round. It would also mean no more lawn-mowing which would be brilliant and would also mean that the boys could still potentially play outside even if there was a little rain. Artificial grass means no muddy feet!

Once the garden is done, we’d move onto redecorating the boy’s bedroom. It’s crying out for a new lick of paint or possibly yofreesamples.com stickers this would give the boys free rein to decorate how they wish. We also want to remove the boiler from their room to free up some much-needed storage space. Combi boilers are probably one of the best boilers to have, not to mention being very convenient. When the time comes, I know I will need to do my research and find the best combination boiler to suit our needs.

Then we’d possibly look into starting planning our loft extension. As the boys grow older, they will need to have their own space and whilst we do have a third bedroom, it’s a small box room which doesn’t leave much space once a single bed has been put inside. A loft extension would give us the extra space we need so the boys could have a room each and Mr H and I would move into the loft bedroom. I hate the idea of the loft room being dark though so we’d definitely look to have roof windows along with VELUX blinds put in to add as much natural light as possible.

I can’t wait to make headway with these projects!

*Collaborative post

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