Parents Evening and Military Tanks – Living Arrows 7/53

Is it me or are the weeks just flying by this year? It was the boy’s last week at school before half-term last week. It feels like they’ve only just gone back after Christmas but they definitely could do with the break. We had Parents Evening on Wednesday and were pleased to hear that both boys are doing well and where they should be in their respective years. It’s always so nice to hear what they get up to at school as I don’t get told much once they are at home.

We went to the Aldershot Military Museum for a couple of hours on Sunday. The sun was shining – we are so close to Spring aren’t we? I can’t wait. As much as winter is all about keeping warm and snuggly we’re terrible for going outdoors when it’s wet and cold, so it was nice to spend some time outside and get some fresh air. Needless to say – they loved the museum and seeing tanks up close. Apparently, there’s a Tank Museum in Dorset so we might take a look into heading down there and make a weekend of it.

I’m working over the half-term week but have managed to line- up some activities to keep them entertained. I’ve also planned a day out at Wisley on my day off – weather dependent of course!




You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth
Khalil Gibran

Living Arrows


  1. Kayleigh parker

    Our parents evening for me was a big eye opener ( take a look at my post Parents evening vs reality)

    The tank museum in Bovington is amazing it’s been a couple of years since I last went but its got huge buildings with the best and biggest collection of army vehicles ever. Well worth travelling to see !! Hope your kids enjoy it I did and I’m a huge kid

  2. wow that must have been well exciting for the boys! Good to hear about their good progress at school. You must be very pleased with it. #livingarrows

  3. Glad to hear that they are progressing well at school. I bet they loved being able to get up close to the tanks.

  4. Oh it’s lovely to hear they’re doing well at school. We live so close to Aldershot and have never been to the military museum! x

  5. Looks like a lot of fun was had at the museum! And well done to the boys for the good reports at parents evening! x #LivingArrows

  6. Glad to hear they’re doing so well at school. Looks like everyone enjoyed the museum. #livingarrows

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