Recreating the Nations Favourites with the new Richmond Chicken Sausages

My family and I love our food, my boys are constantly hungry and food is never far from their minds. They could be having breakfast and already be asking what we are having for lunch or dinner. One of our easy go-to meals is Mini Toad in the Hole, the boys love sausages and can’t get enough of Yorkshire puddings, so my recipe for Mini Toad in the Hole is always a big hit.

New Richmond Chicken Sausages

Last week, I was invited to an event in London with Richmond to find out about (and more importantly to taste!) their newly launched Chicken Sausages. Richmond Chicken Sausages contain 30% less fat and 20% less calories than your usual sausages making them a lighter and healthier alternative to pork sausages.

The event was hosted by Angellica Bell, the winner of 2017’s Celebrity Masterchef. She has teamed up with Richmond Chef Mat Stephany to recreate some of our Nations Favourite Sausages dishes – but with a twist.


After a bit of mingling with some of the other bloggers in attendance, we took our seats and the cooking masterclass with Angellica and Mat began. They were going to show us how to cook three of the nation’s favourite sausage dishes using Richmond Chicken Sausages.

Angellica began with the boy’s favourite – Toad in the Hole! She microwaved some peas and broccoli before adding them into a dish along with some browned sausages before pouring over batter and popping into the oven. This dish is perfect for those busy evenings when you don’t much time to spend in the kitchen. I’d never thought about adding in veggies with the batter before but it saves time and still give you a fab one-pot dinner!


After being given some tips on how to create the perfect Yorkshire pudding it was our turn to give this a go. We were given flour, eggs and milk to make our batter whilst hot oil was being heated up in the oven ready for us to pour our batter into.


The results of our efforts were rather impressive (even if I do say so myself!) and teamed up with some Chicken Sausages and some gravy they were perfect.


Whilst we were busy with our Yorkshires, Angellica and Mat gave us some tips to make the perfect mash to complement them with another Nation’s Favourite – Sausage & Mash.


Tips for making the perfect mash

  • Once you’ve drained the boiled potatoes, pop them back in the pan with the lid on so the steam can absorb any moisture that’s left on your potatoes
  • Add warm milk or butter to mash to keep them smooth and creamy
  • Use a potato ricer to make the mash nice and smooth. For an even smoother mash pass them through a sieve!


Our next task was to make our very own baked beans for the ever popular Sausage & Chips dish. We popped some oil, onion and garlic into a pan and cooked until soft before adding in tomato puree, paprika, thyme, brown sugar and soy sauce. Next, we popped in the Cannellini beans and passata and stirred until the sauce had thickened.



It was hungry work cooking and taking in all the tips from Angellica and Mat and so we finally got to taste our efforts. I have to say, having not tasted Chicken Sausage before I wasn’t sure if they were going to be something I would enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty and flavoursome they were and I can’t wait to try some of the dishes we cooked with Angellica with my boys.


I had a great day learning about Richmond and meeting the very lovely Angellica Bell. As a mum of two herself, she knows all too well what it’s like trying to get dinner on the table when you have hungry kids.

Create tasty and healthy dishes using Richmond Chicken Sausages

As well as Toad in the Hole, Sausage & Mash and Sausage & Chips, there are lots of dishes you can create using Richmond Sausages. You can add them to pasta for a delicious pasta bake, pop them into stews or casseroles and even throw on the barbecue when the sun is out.

Richmond Chicken Sausages are a healthier alternative to pork, containing 30% less fat and 20% less calories. They are available from all major supermarkets with an RRP of £2.50 for a pack.

What meal would you make with Richmond Chicken Sausages?

Have a read some of the posts below for some other sausage recipe ideas:

*This post is paid collaboration with Richmond Sausages.

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  1. toad in the hole

  2. Rachel Craig

    Sausage Casserole.


    sausage and bean casserol with mushrooms and onions

  4. iain maciver

    sausages, mash,peas

  5. Michael Rattray

    Sausages, baked beans and mash

  6. sausage casserole in the slow cooker

  7. Angela Treadway

    sausage casserole x

  8. Graham Ross

    Toad in the hole

  9. Ultimate toad-in-the-hole with caramelised onion gravy. Wrap fat sausages in streaky bacon for a posh version of a British classic – perfect comfort food for the whole family.

  10. Mark Mccaffery

    Toad in the hole.

  11. chicken sausage casserole!

  12. Potato and Sausage Hubble Bubble

  13. Baked sausages with baked, mixed root vegetables.

  14. Ursula Hunt

    I wouldmake a sausage and bean casserole

  15. William Gould

    With cheese topped mash and cauliflower!

  16. It would have to be classic sausage and mash, it’s a favourite in our house

  17. Sandra Fortune

    I’d make a casserole with sage and onion dumplings

  18. Emma Howard

    Sausage and vegetable tray bake

  19. Margaret Clarkson

    Sausage and onion pie with shortcrust pastry

  20. kev banham

    sausage casserole

  21. Tina Still

    Has got to be Toad in the hole, my sons favourite dinner

  22. Linda Ford

    We would make sausage and pasta!

  23. I would make a chicken roast and use the sausages to make pigs in blankets

  24. Libby Alexander

    Really simple but my daughter’s favourite ……. cheesy mash, with sausages, baked beans and peas. These seem like a much healthier option, so I would probably cook it more often for her.

  25. Andrea Fletcher

    I would make a sausage and bean bake.

  26. clair downham

    my kids would love toad in the hole

  27. Anthony G.

    I think I’d make a good ol’ sausage casserole (not original, but a old fave!) 🙂

  28. Henry Little

    what we have just had, a nice toad in the hole roast dinner

  29. claire woods

    Toad in the Hole

  30. Sausage and bean casserole

  31. Jo Hutchings

    I’d make some toad in the hole with veg and gravy.

  32. sausage, mash beans and red onions

  33. Laura Pritchard

    I’d make my kids’ nursery favourite of Cowboy Pie!

  34. Michelle Smith

    Toad in the hole

  35. Eileen Sumner

    Slow Cooker Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole

  36. travellersc3

    A sausage and pasta bake would be yummy xx

  37. Charlie Cheung

    Toad in the Hole!

  38. Sheena Batey

    A casserole with butter beans and tomatoes

  39. Walsall sausage pastry plait

  40. Jodi hill

    I tried these last week! Much healthier for my family… we made a sausage casserole with finely chopped chorizo, carrots, onions, peppers, mushrooms, a tin of beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, finely diced garlic, paprika & mixed herbs, then served it with a few jersey royals. Was a big hit with the kids (and the mr)

  41. Jade Hewlett

    I would use them to make a toad in the hole

  42. Ruth Harwood

    Toad in the hole! Or I’d chop them into a curry!

  43. kathcake2017

    sausage and mash 🙂

  44. Michelle Ferguson

    I would make a toad in the hole

  45. Chris Andrews

    l’d make our family favourite . . . .sausage casserole

  46. Ana Nowell

    Toad in the hoke

  47. Tracy Newton

    Tomato and sliced sausage casserole

  48. Spicy sausage and butter bean stew!

  49. We would try out our favourite sausage and bean casserole. Will be fun to give it a twist by using chicken sausages.

  50. Margaret Mccaffery

    Sausage casserole

  51. Emma Hussain

    Sausage casserole

  52. Richard Wood

    Toad in the hole

  53. mandydoherty65

    Chicken sausage and mushroom penne

  54. Felicity Williams

    Toad in the hole

  55. sausage pasta bake

  56. Lorna Ledger

    Slow cooker chicken sausage Jambalaya! yummy!

  57. Rachael Sexey

    Toad in the hole

  58. olivia280177

    A chicken sausage pasta bake with lots of tomatoes and mozzarella

  59. Patricia Avery

    Sausage quiche. Great for picnics 🙂

  60. Sarah Blakebrough

    Sausage casserole

  61. bangers and mash


    Would have them with home made mash and mushy peas

  63. greig alan james spencer

    hot dogs

  64. Richard Saunders

    Sausage Mash and Peas…simple but great (like me!) 🙂

  65. Helen Rosbotham

    These would be perfect for my sausage jambalaya

  66. Carol Phile

    Sausage curry

  67. Pauline Dring

    I would cook them on the bbq and serve as hot dogs with caramelised onions and homemade tomato ketchup

  68. Mary Baldwin

    Toad in the hole with kale and onion gravy so the taste of the sausages isn’t paramount just in case.

  69. Victoria Prince

    I would make toad in the hole – I know it’s not very imaginative, but it’s a firm favourite!

  70. A.E. ADKINS

    I would try to perfect a toad in the hole which I never seem to manage or use them in a homemade cassoulet

  71. janine atkin

    id make toad in the hole

  72. Elizabeth Smith

    Hot dogs but with redcurrant jelly instead of ketchup

  73. Lauren Old

    Sausage and sweet potato mash

  74. Amy Briscoe

    Keep it simple and sling them on the bbq!!

  75. Gillian Hitchen

    sausage and pasta bake with chilli flakes for some heat

  76. Victoria Easton

    Sausage and sage and onion stuffing pie

  77. Chicken sausage casserole, a classic.

  78. John Ettery

    oh it would have to be the good old favourite Bangers & Mash with sweet potato of course

  79. Oksana Fitzgerald

    Sausage casserole

  80. Angela Kelly

    I’d love to try a sausage casserole with chicken sausages.

  81. chicken sausage casserole

  82. Emily Smith

    Toad in the hole. Yummy!

  83. Samantha R

    I’d make toad in the hole or a pasta bake

  84. Victoria B

    Definitely a toad in the hole – haven’t made one in ages. Coincidently just had Richmond sausages in a baguette for lunch!

  85. Kelly Hirst

    I’d make my favourite toad in the whole with lots of gravy!

  86. Hannah Scudder

    Toad in the hole with veg

  87. Maureen M

    Sausage,mash & baked beans.


    toad in the hole one of my favourites

  89. Rebecca Powell

    Sausage casserole


    toad in the hole one of my all time favourites!

  91. Spicy sausage pasta

  92. Toni Pearson

    toad in the hole

  93. Theresa Thomas

    Toad in the hole with onion gravy

  94. I would add them to some pasta

  95. Hazel Rea

    Sausage and pea carbonara with salad.

  96. Nancy Bradford

    I’d make a Texas BBQ bean hot pot x

  97. Joanne smith

    Sausage casserole with colourful red peppers, onions, carrots and potatoes

  98. Debbie Preston

    Toad in the Hole

  99. Christine Caple

    They would be great in a risotto

  100. Tee Simpson

    I would make sausage pasta

  101. Lauren Main

    Slow cooked sausage casserole

  102. would have to be Toad in the Hole, for me

  103. champaklal Lad

    with mash and beans

  104. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love sausage casserole, mash and mushy peas, I’d love to try it with these xx

  105. Karl Borowy

    Toad in the hole with gravy

  106. Danielle Pooley

    Toad in the hole would be lovely

  107. Charlotte Wilde

    sausage and bean casserole with chickpeas and carrots!

  108. Chris Fletcher

    I’d make my sausage and tomato pasta bake

  109. Clare Hubbard

    These would be perfect for a sausage casserole

  110. Nicola Andrijauskas

    I know it’s obvious but Toad in the hole, everybody loves it! Family favourite

  111. Gemma Holland

    Sausage pasta bake

  112. Natalee Gosiewski

    toad in the hole my lil ones love home made toad in the hole

  113. Toad in the hole is always a hit here 🙂

  114. Mark Allen

    chicken and sausage pie with puff pastry

  115. Keith Hunt

    sausage mashed potato and lots of beetroot just like school dinners

  116. sharon martin

    i’d make toad in the hole

  117. Leanne Bell

    Would have to be the Toad in the Hole recipe, as I can never seem to get mine right.


    Toad in the Hole, so delicious & a family favourite.

  119. Judith Allen

    I think these would be nice in a sausage and leek bake. With cider, sliced potatoes and a little cheese on top.

  120. Amy Lambert

    Toad in the hole

  121. Natalie White

    Sausage and vegetable pasta! 🙂

  122. Kathryn Cox

    Sausage pasta bake

  123. Aaron Milne

    chicken and sausage pie with puff pastry.

  124. Lynn neal

    Sausage Omlette

  125. Kirsteen Mackay

    My favourite sausage recipe is simply serving sausages with potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Simple but delicious.

  126. laura stewart

    sausage, mash and beans

  127. gemma hendry

    stewed chicken sausages with sweet potato mash and cawliflower

  128. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Our favourite at the moment is TOULOUSE SAUSAGE ROLL, not sure how the chicken would work out but worth a try.

  129. Toad in the hole

  130. Adrian Bold

    I would make a nice Toad in the Hole.

  131. I’d make bangers and mash with some lovely pan gravy

  132. Bangs and mash to see if we tasted the difference in our family favourite 🙂

  133. Lisa Smith

    bangers and mash

  134. Caroline Shepherd

    Sausage and veggie bake

  135. bangers and mash with fried veggies

  136. Naomi Williams

    Sausage Casserole

  137. Hannah Smalley

    Chicken sausage with roasted veg tray bake

  138. Caroline Blaza

    Sausage Casserole

  139. Monika Bascombe

    I would make toad in the hole

  140. Michelle Wild

    Toad in the hole.

  141. Dawn Samples

    Sausage casserole and mash x

  142. Linda Turner

    Sausages Beans and Chips

  143. Danielle Spencer

    I would love to do a simple bangers and mash with beans.


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