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School holidays are just around the corner – yay no more school runs and if you’re lucky you might even get to have a lie-in (who am I kidding).

If you are super organised, you may already be thinking about buying new uniform ready for the new school year, so in turn, you will need to label said uniform which means hours of ironing or sewing on labels right? WRONG!

If you haven’t heard about Snappy Tags before and you have school children – I’m telling you YOU NEED THIS. I actually found out about Snappy Tags last year before E started school, but because I already had some leftover labels left from when I had to label his nursery items I thought I’d save my pennies and use those up first. I had to iron them onto 5 sets of trousers, 5 sets of t-shirts and 2 sweatshirts, a jumper and his PE kit and 10 pairs of socks (don’t ask!) and within the first term the labels were already coming off and now with only a week and bit left of the school year I can say that 85% of his labels have all come off. So much for saving some pennies!

snappy tags

Snappy Tags uniform labeller is a fantastic way of labelling that literally takes seconds to do. Your child’s name is etched onto a small button-sized disc (Snappy Tags guarantee that they won’t fade) and using the applicator you simply attach the name tag to the clothes label by pressing down on the applicator until you hear a click and that’s it – job done.

The tags are very secure and I can see them really lasting the whole school year.

Check out my video below to see how easy it really is:

You will save so much time using this and best of all? You can re-use the tags. So when your child grows out of their current uniform, you simply remove the tag using the back of the applicator and re-apply on your next set of uniform. Perfect!

I cannot recommend Snappy Tags enough – its fantastic, easy to use and saves so much time!

Snappy Tags starts from £22.40 (inc P&P) for the applicator and comes with 25 tags or £27.95 for 50 tags, bearing in mind that these are re-usable and makes it so quick to label uniform I think they are a definite must-have for any parents of school aged children.

I will most certainly be ordering more name tags so I can label all of M’s nursery items.

NOTE: Snappy Tags was sent to me with the purpose of writing an honest review in exchange for the item. All images/videos and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a clever idea!

  2. sounds pricey, but I am so fed up of iron-on labels falling off #TriedTested

    • It may sound pricey but think of the time you will save! They are also re-usable so technically you wouldn’t have to fork out for name tags again. Unlike the iron on ones! x

  3. What a brilliant idea these are! I’m hopeless at sewing so usually use a biro on their labels 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hon Stevie xx

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