A much needed massage at The Massage Company, Putney

If you’d told me a few years ago that I would be working from home on a permanent basis I would have been thrilled at the prospect. There are many advantages to working from home – the fact that I can work around my children and be able to do the school run is definitely up there at the top. However, there are downsides. We don’t have a dedicated office area in our home so Mr H and I work off the dining room table. That means sitting on high-backed dining chairs that are not meant for sitting in 8 hours of the day. Needless to say, my aches and pains have increased tenfold over the last 18 months. When The Massage Company got in touch and offered me a lovely massage at their new centre in Putney of course I said yes!

The Massage Company, Putney


I’ve previously been to The Massage Company in Camberley before but was pleased to hear that they now have a centre a bit more local to me. Their Putney branch opened back in July and is conveniently situated inside The Putney Exchange shopping centre. I popped the directions into my sat nav and followed the signs to the shopping centre car park. The Massage Company is located on the first floor of the shopping centre which was super easy to find.


I was greeted by the friendly staff at reception and we had a brief chat. As per my previous visits, I was given a questionnaire to fill in to make my therapist aware of any medication I was taking, any areas I’d like them to focus on or any areas to avoid. Shortly after, I was introduced to Channelle and we talked about the massage I would be having.

Deep Tissue Massage

With the aches and pains I’ve been experiencing recently, I had opted to go for the deep tissue massage. There are also upgrades you can add on to enhance your massage session with options like hot stones, aromatherapy, scalp massage or foot treatment. I added the latter to try something new.


I informed Channelle of the main areas I carry tension (in my neck and shoulders) and she did absolute wonders for me. It’s worth mentioning that masks aren’t required to be worn when your therapist is working on your back but they are required when you turn over and they work on your arms, legs and feet. During the course of the massage, she found that my lower back was rather stiff (I blame the dining room chair!) and my hamstrings were a little tight so she gave me some pointers on what I could also do at home to ease this.


Overall, I left with a spring in my step, with all the knots in my muscles released and feeling so relaxed – it was a shame I had to head back home to work!

If you’re local to Putney, I highly recommend you give The Massage Company a try. The centre is super easy to find whether you are travelling by public transport or by car.

Massages start from £59.95 for 50 mins with the option to extend to 80 mins for an extra £30. Upgrades are an additional £8.95. Memberships are also available and start from £64.95 a month.

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