Turn your garden in extra living space for your family

The space inside your home can feel a little cramped when you are a family, especially as the children grow up. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you can install a log cabin and turn it into an extra living space for your family and increase your daily quality of life.


Tired of tripping over the toys in the middle of the hallway or stepping on the one forgotten Lego on the living room carpet? Even if their room is the favourite playground, children like to have fun all over the house. If you don’t have a playroom in your house, you can set one up in your garden in a log cabin pod. In this dedicated play area, your children can meet and play together. They don’t have to put their games in order and can pick up their adventures where they left off, which is ideal for stimulating their imagination. The log cabin pod opens directly onto the garden, which naturally encourages children to go and play outside, which is much healthier than playing on a console or tablet! Finally, when you have your children’s friends over, they can play without making a mess inside.

Teenager’s room

Log cabin pods can be transformed into a real living space with all the comforts of home. As your teenagers grow up, they may be less inclined to share a room with a sibling if you don’t have a room for each child, and that’s where a log cabin pod can be useful. This solution allows teenagers to have a little more independence and privacy while still being close to the family and sharing in their lives, such as meals. Some families put their teenagers in the garage, but this reduces the space available in the house even more!

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Cosy space to gather

The garden is a place to eat, play and relax! The log cabin pod can be a great addition to a garden lounge: equip it with rugs, large cushions and plaids. Add a shelf where you can put some books, board games or crafts and you have a place to chill out. Put in something to make warm drinks for the autumn and a fridge to keep cool drinks on hand for the summer. In your cosy log cabin pod, you can share quiet moments with your family, take a nap after a meal or take a break after a play session.

Log cabins pods

There are many models of log cabin pods that you can find on this website. Whatever the size of your family or its composition, there is surely a wooden construction that will be perfect for you! Log cabin pods are modular, your family changes, and so do they: the playroom is perfect when your children are small, when they are big, the log cabin pod can be converted into a teenager’s room. When your children have their own children, you can accommodate them in the log cabin pod when they visit you too.

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