WFH Alternatives: 6 places to work if you need a break from your home office

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become normalised. Now that things have (pretty much) returned to normal, the trend toward remote work continues to climb. Although the flexibility and freedom of the remote model are huge benefits, working from home can become dull and uninspiring.

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If this has happened to you, don’t fret. The good news is that as long as you have a computer and a Wi-Fi connection, you can work from just about anywhere. When you need a change of scenery, consider any of the following places:

Coworking and serviced offices

If working from home is too distracting and the office environment motivates you better, try working in an office-inspired setting. Coworking and serviced offices offer many of the same amenities, just without all the expenses associated with renting an office space.

You can even use these office environments if you travel. For instance, if you’re travelling in the Land Down Under, look for serviced offices in Australia with the equipment and camaraderie you need to stay productive despite not being in your home office. Coworking spaces are springing up all over the world, from Thailand to the UK, so you’re never far from a productivity-inspiring work environment.

Your local library

If you’d rather stay closer to home, your local library is a great place to work. The quiet atmosphere and access to technology enable you to stay focused and productive while giving you the change of scenery you crave.

Coffee shops

Many remote workers adore working from coffee shops, whether it’s the bustling atmosphere or spacious tables. As long as you don’t mind the noise of loud conversations and people coming and going, working in a coffee shop can be very stimulating, especially if you take advantage of their endless supply of quality tea and coffee.

Hotel rooms

Some people rent hotel rooms when they need peace and quiet to work. For example, Maya Angelou famously rented a hotel room in her hometown whenever she needed to get some serious work done.

If renting a hotel room isn’t within your budget, you can still head down to your local Ramada Inn and work in the lobby. The environment offers a business feel (complete with free Wi-Fi), and if anyone looks at you funny for working there, just purchase a drink or snack from their café or bar to ensure you blend in.

The Park

Studies show that exposure to nature can lift your mood and help you feel more productive. That’s why natural light is encouraged in most office settings. If you could use a mood boost, try getting some work done at your local park. The good news is that you can stay there as long as you want – weather permitting, of course.

Not all parks have Wi-Fi, so if yours doesn’t, invest in a Wi-Fi hotspot or use your smartphone as a hotspot.


If you’re going to work in a restaurant, be sure to order some food and drinks, as most establishments don’t appreciate you taking up space without spending money. After eating a good meal, you can get down to work for an hour or so – most restaurant owners won’t mind.

Working from home can get boring, especially when you feel isolated. So, get dressed, gather your laptop and phone, and head out to any of the places listed above when you need a break from your home office.

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