Why you need a pressure washer around the home

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in a typical home is the pressure washer. It has so many practical uses that will save hours on chores around the house. Ranging from cleaning the car to washing off the driveway. So in this post, I’ve put together a whole list of key uses for a pressure washer at home.

Cleaning driveways and garage doors with a pressure washer

When your driveway builds up with moss or a green film, it’s really important to clean this up. You’ll find yourself slipping over, or worse your children. The other problem is the damage it can do to driveways and garage doors. Once the algae starts to bite into the plastic of the garage door, they will degrade and discolour the uPVC. Your concrete or tarmac driveway is far more resilient, but the slip issue is a big one. When it gets wet, it starts to become an ice rink.


Decking is a doddle with a pressure washer

For me, one of the very best uses for a pressure washer is cleaning up the decking. Much in the same way as algae and moss builds up on driveways it will do precisely the same on your decking. With decking, the growth comes on far more quickly because the moss attaches to timber far more easily. Usually, you’ll need to clean your decking with bleach, but a pressure washer can considerably help to reduce the amount of bleach used which is both good on the pocket and the environment.


Cleaning the car or bike

Pretty obviously cleaning the car or bike was going to come up at some point. The only thing I would say is you’ll need one powerful enough that it removes dirt and grime. Some cheaper pressure washers won’t have the power required. The best type of pressure washer would be petrol powered one, but this is relatively expensive and not necessarily the best value for a normal everyday home.

If you can, use the pressure washer to clean parts of your car that are serviceable such as your alloy wheels but would not easily be accessible if hand cleaning. Simply turn the wheels of your car, and you’ll then be able to spray water off the rear of the alloy and around the mudguard which will help stop rust too.

Cleaning the kid’s toys in the garden

You might have a trampoline or a playhouse for your kids. These toys will also get dirty, and it’s incredible just how well a pressure washer will help you maintain the garden toys. It’s definitely the overlooked part of garden maintenance and extremely time-consuming without the use of a good pressure washer.

Overall I would highly recommend adding the pressure washer to your toolkit at home. If you have children and pets, it’s really going to help you reduce the amount of work around the home. Whether you choose an electric or petrol pressure washer will totally depend on your budget and requirements as a household, either way, it’ll really lighten the load!

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